How Long Does Juvederm® Last?

Are you interested in trying out a dermal filler from FDA-approved Juvederm®, but not sure how long your results may last? The answer is, it really depends on the type of Juvederm® injection you get. Not all Juvederm® injections are the same; some are designed to treat different wrinkles, while others are focused on subtle augmentation.  That means each injection has a slightly different formula [...]

Is There Any Downtime With Microneedling Treatments?

Microneedling is quickly becoming one of the most popular treatment options for rejuvenating a tired, dull complexion.  And it’s no wonder - microneedling can help speed up cellular turnover, encourage collagen production, and even fade the appearance of stubborn wrinkles and sun damage. But given that microneedling treatments use tiny needles to achieve these results, it leaves a lot of people asking: “Is there any [...]

How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Last?

Ready to bust a popular myth? Here it is: there’s no such thing as permanent laser hair removal. The thing is, even though laser hair removal is often advertised as a permanent solution for unwanted body hair, it doesn’t actually work out that way.  While hair regrowth is significantly slowed, your hair follicles will eventually come back. Over time, the hairs do come back thinner [...]

What is ThermiVa?

If you feel self-conscious about vaginal laxity issues, or you want to treat chronic infections, then it’s time to discover the power of ThermiVa treatments. ThermiVa is an FDA-cleared device that uses radiofrequency energy to tighten and tone the vaginal muscles, which can help improve laxity issues, infections, and even symptoms associated with Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI).  So what exactly is ThermiVa? And how do [...]

How Can I Remove Stubborn Fat Without Surgery?

Maybe you feel like you’ve been dieting and exercising for years. Perhaps you’ve even toyed around with the idea of getting liposuction surgery. Either way, one thing is for sure: You want to get rid of your stubborn fat, once and for all! View More Patient Results *Individuals Results May Vary. Why Does Stubborn [...]

How Does PRP Work?

Did you know that the secret to beautiful skin and luscious hair can be found within your blood? It may sound spooky, but hear us out - your blood’s platelets hold a special kind of plasma that’s foundational to a number of skin processes. From cellular turnover to elastin and collagen-building, your platelets can naturally transform your appearance. Plus, when added to a special growth-activating [...]

How Much Do Chemical Peels Cost?

Are you looking for a fast, effective, and results-driven way to completely transform your complexion? If so, then it may be time to introduce yourself to chemical peels - a non-invasive solution that uses a type of acid (like fruit acid, salicylic acid, or glycolic acid) to remove damaged dermal tissue.  The goal of the chemical peel is to completely transform your skin by fading [...]

How Can I Reduce My Double Chin Without Surgery?

A double chin can be difficult to target through diet and exercise alone (thanks, genetics!). So if you’ve been working hard to reduce chin fat with little to no results, it may not be your fault - you might just need a little extra help. Forget liposuction or surgical intervention. The best double chin treatments are simple, effective, and require absolutely no incisions or downtime. [...]

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