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Love Handles – Freeze ‘Em Goodbye

Love Handles – How come no one loves having them?

Listen up guys – if the woman in your life refers to your love handles, it’s NOT because she loves them on you. It’s because she’s hoping you’ll do something about them.

Love handles are the precursors to the “spare tire” which is the precursor to the “belly”. Belly covers a lot of ground and we won’t go there because a true belly is outside the realm of dermatology and usually means your lifestyle and diet need some serious adjustments.

But, back to love handles. You’ve got ‘em and they are persistent in ways you’d never dreamed. They’re what we term fat pockets and are very common with men once they reach mid 30’s. Even with exercise and diet, the hormonal shifts in a man’s system can make it really tough to trim them down.

That’s where Fat Freezing steps up to the plate. If your body is stubbornly hanging on to the “handles”, you can fight them with technology that literally chills the fat cells to the point they crystallize and break up. The cells destroyed are gone for good.

We know most men have a less stoic attitude about pain when it comes to what goes on in a doctor’s office. You may be quite willing to get into a boxing match, wrestle with your friends or pump iron until you can’t see for the sweat running down your brow. But the specter of a machine that might “hurt” you can turn you to jelly. And THAT’S why we have this wonderful system called CoolSculpting in our office.

We won’t hurt you – really, we won’t

You will feel a little cold at first – but within 5 minutes of the process, you’re numbed and pretty much oblivious to what’s going on. In an hour, the treated area is set to begin its process of lipolysis (fat destruction). Over the next two to three months the disintegrated fat cells are swept out of the body and all you notice is a trimmer waistline and the absence of love handles.

We had one patient who came armed with his own Vicodin and asked if he should take them now or wait until the pain started. When told that he didn’t need them at all, he was surprised and of course skeptical. When his treatment was over (he had both sides done) he remarked, “That was a total cakewalk!!”

What do I do when the fat comes back?

Fat treated with CoolSculpting doesn’t come back, but you have to remember the fat cells around the treated area are still alive and doing their thing, so you need to keep a healthy diet in force. Just because you froze off a percentage of the fat in your love handles doesn’t mean you won’t build up a spare tire if you exist on fries and sugar sodas. Take care of your body and it will take care of you.

Wondering if you’re a candidate for CoolScultping at our Irvine office? Give us a call and we’ll set up a quick, private consultation for you. Then you can ask all the questions you’d like.

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