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How Much Does Botox Cost?

Admit it: You’re interested in experiencing the anti-aging powers of Botox for yourself.

Maybe you’re suspicious that your favorite celebrity looks so young because of Botox injections. Or maybe a good friend has experienced Botox for herself and can’t stop raving about it. Whatever the case may be, there’s just one question holding you back from experiencing this popular anti-aging injection for yourself:

How much does Botox cost?”

The Average Cost of a Botox Injection

Botox is priced based on how many units you need to achieve your desired results. According to, the average cost of a unit of Botox is $20; therefore, just multiply however many units of Botox you need by $20.

The number of units you may need largely depends on your objectives for the treatment. For example, if your dermatologist determines that you need 30 units to smooth away forehead wrinkles and fine lines, your Botox session may cost approximately $600.

What Factors Affect My Botox Costs?

Apart from the number of units you’ll need, there are a number of factors that can add to the total cost of your Botox injection. These factors include:

1. Your dermatologist.

The education and experience levels of your dermatologist can affect your total Botox price, as a more experienced dermatologist may cost more. This is a good thing, as an expert dermatologist has a better understanding of how Botox will affect your facial structure as opposed to a spa technician or esthetician.

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2. Your location.

If you live in a pricey zip code, you can probably expect to pay more for your Botox injections than someone who lives in a zip code with a lower cost-of-living.

3. Your desired goals.

As previously mentioned, your desired goals can play the biggest role in determining how much you’ll pay for Botox injections. If you want to minimize the appearance of moderate wrinkles, you’ll probably pay more than someone who wants to use Botox as a preventative tool for fine lines, since you’ll need more units to achieve your goal.

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