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How Often Should I Get a Chemical Peel?

Interested in getting a chemical peel, but not sure how often you should commit to this skincare regimen?

Take a look at our recommendations on how often you should get a chemical peel, including why you should get a chemical peel!

Chemical Peels Irvine

How Often You Should Get a Chemical Peel

There’s no one right answer, as so many patients have different skin types and needs. However, we usually recommend that patients be prepared to commit to up to eight chemical peels over the course of as many months. 

Here’s how we come to that estimate:

  • Chemical peels vary in strength, but the majority of them require at least two to three weeks of recovery before the next one is done. For that reason, we usually schedule chemical peels about one month apart.
  • It usually takes a few chemical peels to see noticeable results, especially for patients who have significant complexion issues. Patients who opt for deeper peels usually start seeing results about two to three peels in, while patients who choose gentle peels see results about six peels in.
  • The severity of your peel can play a role in how often you get it done. If you choose a gentle formula, you may need to get more done; patients who choose a more robust or stronger formula may only need a few peels but will require more recovery time.

The best way to determine how often you should get a chemical peel done is to schedule a consultation with a board-certified dermatologist. That way, you can get a firm idea of the ideal peel schedule that can produce your desired results.

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Why Should I Get Chemical Peels?

Ever wondered why certain celebrities look effortlessly youthful, even though they’re in their 50s (looking at you, JLo!)? 

The answer definitely involves chemical peels. These non-surgical treatments are excellent at removing the layers of the dermal tissue where damage and aging symptoms are most obvious. Additionally, a regular regimen of peels can encourage healthy cellular turnover, which is key for creating long-term results.

I’m only in my mid-20’s, but recently my skin had been looking older than my years. My 26th birthday was coming up, and I just needed a pick me up before celebrating. I had gone to spas for facials before, but my skin always felt irritated and worse than I came in after. I needed something a bit more than a spa treatment, so I started looking into chemical peels. The word chemical alone scared me a little, so I made sure I did my research and would have an ACTUAL DR perform my peel. Dr. Pilest seemed like a reputable Dr who was close to home, so for the first time in my life I paid a visit to a dermatologist. From beginning to end, the experience was a great one. Both the Dr and the staff were friendly, attentive and knowledgeable. Dr Pilest made sure to recommend a peel that was suitable for my ethnic skin and my specific issues, and made sure to explain all the expectations and aftercare. Eventually we agreed on a ViPeel. Okay, the actual peeling wasn’t very fun, but duh, it’s in the name. After just a few days, all the dead skin from my face was gone, with bright new skin in its place. I felt like a 26 year old should, and looked fabulous at my birthday celebration. Thanks, Doc!

MS, Happy Patient

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