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Plastic Surgery “Addiction”

Being content with how you look is a normal desire. But for some, the goal goes beyond contentment and into a seemingly endless quest for a version of perfection that is outside the norm.

“Excessive surgery can make someone look bizarre and almost inhuman,” says Marietta, GA, facial plastic surgeon Seth A. Yellin, MD. “Look at the ‘cat lady’ Jocelyn Wildenstein who spent a fortune on plastic surgery. Her face is so distorted, which goes against the basic principles of surgery. No normal face looks like that, nor should it.” While it’s hard to say that there’s a specific formula as to a number of procedures performed in one timeframe that creates this result, doing too much of any one surgery or treatment way too frequently usually is a red flag of a plastic surgery addict.

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Too much of anything can be a bad thing. For those of you who have heard of the new plastic surgery reality series “Botched”, you already have a glimmer of how one bad step can lead to another. Although not new, plastic surgery ‘addiction’  is coming more into the spotlight.

Botched on E!

Dr. Pilest:

The most gratifying part of being a “non surgical” professional is that 99.99% of  my patients visit the practice seeking NATURAL looking results. Seldom does anyone “need” a scalpel to achieve substantial and very satisfying improvements. Injectables can re-contour the face subtly and simply, without the risk of scarring or disfigurement. Body contouring with freezing or ultrasound-induced heat can remove excessive fat (a reasonable amount) and skin firming technology can mitigate the appearance of laxity and skin dimpling.

Instead of facial implants, it is a simple matter of injecting either a shorter term or longer term gel to straighten a nose or define a chin or jawline or augment the cheek. Plus, the hyaluronic gels are dissolvable…if for some reason, you don’t like the look, a simple injection can lessen or totally remove the filler.

Although it is in one way somewhat entertaining to see shows like the one mentioned above, it is nonetheless also disturbing, because many of those who are depicted in the shows will never find an end to their quest and in the process, will separate themselves irretrievably from what they had hoped to achieve.

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