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Fraxel Story with 50 Year Old Laura

Laura’s Fraxel Story

As an avid soccer player and referee, Laura Matkin spent a lot of time in the hot Texas sun. After turning 50, she wanted a way to reverse the sun damage and restore a more youthful appearance.

Laura had Fraxel to erase her skin damage and, she says, build up her self-esteem.

Customized Fraxel

Fraxel can be customized to fit your needs and timeline. Fraxel DUAL is a combination laser that can deliver two wavelengths. This means you can improve both skin texture and skin discoloration. Treatment recovery is straightforward and predictable. Your skin will feel hot and sunburned the first day. Then as the little “mends” dry up, your skin to touch has almost a  sandpaper feel. These sand-like granules will slough off over a period of a few days to a couple of weeks (depends on treatment levels)  to reveal smoother and more evenly colored skin.

Makeup, if you decided you still need it, will glide like on like silk, and those dark spots won’t be showing through because they’ll mostly be gone! Best results are achieved with several treatments.

Re-treatment once or twice a year can keep your skin glowing, smooth and “collagen-active”, which keeps you looking younger a lot longer.

Fraxel Results

em>Images Courtesy Solta Medical

Complete Fraxel information and treatment video

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