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Burnout – Bad for Your Body & Bad for Your Skin

The Tell Tale Signs of Burnout … Do You Have Them?

We came across this article on Psychology Today while constructing a post on Stress and Skin. Obviously the bigger priority is recognizing you’re over stressed and then doing something about it. We’ll get to the skin problem a little later.

Burnout is one of those road hazards in life that high-achievers really should be keeping a close eye out for, but sadly—often because of their “I can do everything” personalities—they rarely see it coming. Because high-achievers are often so passionate about what they do, they tend to ignore the fact that they’re working exceptionally long hours, taking on exceedingly heavy work loads, and putting enormous pressure on themselves to excel—all of which make them ripe for burnout. Full Article on Psychology Today

Our marketing director was remarking that she was “far too old to be breaking out” but was experiencing skin troubles that typically belonged to a teenage. While searching for the root cause, a short list of  recent life stresses gave the biggest clue. She was on her way to burnout over some difficult family issues that didn’t have an easy resolution. Smartly, she scheduled a visit to her endocrinologist and was given a list of recommendations to get balance back in her life.

We got her acne calmed down and now she’s on the path to some stress management with supplements, a better nutrition program, a more regular exercise program of calm walking, a bit of meditation and extra breaks for her favorite past time of reading books. She had her B levels checked and found she was deficient so she’s started a program of weekly B12 shots, which she says is like a “next day youth infusion!”

What was behind the skin changes? We found this video from Dr. Neil Shultz to be the perfect explanation!

If you suspect you’re on the path to burnout, a visit to your internist or an endocrinologist can only help.

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