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Integrating Skin Care in Dermatology and Plastic Surgery

Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons alike spend considerable time in learning about skin care products. Technological procedures, surgery and injectable products make up the bulk of what are often life-changing treatments – but skin care is sometimes an overlooked part of the treatment end goal.

Making sure your procedures more effective with skin care products

Supporting these procedures with proper skin care products extends and enhances medical and surgical treatments – often to degrees that many would rate as “amazing”.

Dr. Pilest recently participated in an educational meeting sponsored by Lumenis Aesthetics – a world wide laser provider for medical and cosmetic laser technology. Because of his 3 plus decade experience in treating skin, Dr. Pilest’s input on how to integrate skin care with today’s lasers and other technology came as a welcome element of the program.

How products help

Many products have ingredients that hasten healing, improve cell turnover, remove or blend pigmentation, tighten and smooth. Choosing the correct products is often a confusing task for both consumers and doctors, so understanding core actions of active ingredients is key to proper selection paired with the treatment or needs of patients.

Antioxidants, retinols, peptides, growth factors, acids, vitamins – the list grows and it is up to physicians to make sure their patients have access to – and knowledge of – the products that will be a consistent advantage to the appearance and health of their skin.

“I can’t overstate the importance of a solid ‘just for you’ skin care regimen,” Dr. Pilest shared. “The right skin care following procedures – and often as preparatory measures – can make or break the success of lasers and radio frequency procedures. The skin can actually super-absorb serums following fractional resurfacing in a way that dramatically enhances the final results. Today’s products aren’t simply moisturizers, they are skin changers and need to viewed as such.”

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