Skin Tightening Treatment For Men

Thermage for Men

Men typically enjoy thicker skin and therefore keep firmer facial contours longer. But when the generally sharper features on a man’s face start to sag, the effects can be even more aging than what women deal with. Masculinity, energy, and a sense of visual confidence are tied in with a man’s jawline, neck, and eyelids. These three facial areas alone can add (or subtract) 10 to 15 years in perceived age.

Avoid Bad Plastic Surgery Outcomes

Because men typically do not have the best results with plastic surgery, alternative means to tighten and maintain firmness become more important. Tightening based on collagen remodeling is, thus far, the only method outside of surgery that has proven to have effect. (Men actually get better Thermage results than women!) Thermage will not reduce facial fat. See Kybella for reducing fat under the chin.

*Individuals Results May Vary.

One Time and You’re Done

A single treatment can provide subtle enough outcomes so that no one suspects you’ve done anything, but obvious enough that people comment that you look better, more rested and in many cases, assume that you have lost weight. More mature patients sometimes opt for a 2nd session after 6 months to increase the tightening. Thermage is not intended to replace a neck lift, facelift or liposuction, but remains an option for those who do not want to contemplate surgery.



An Hour for Face and Neck

The newer Total Tip delivers quicker results than Thermage previously offered and deeper results, so there is additional potential for deep structural tightening. Treatment takes about an hour for a full face and upper neck.

Single Treatment 8 months post Photo courtesy Malthily Nandedkar, MD

*Individuals Results May Vary.

Subtle Transition Means no Questioning From Colleagues

Thermage can provide some instant firming but the real results are apparent about 6 months later. This means you won’t leave the office on a Friday and on Monday have people pointing at you or asking questions. They’ll just think you’re taking better care of yourself.

Does it Hurt?

Not any more. Thermage uses something called CPT which incorporates a vibrational handpiece. The vibrations interfere with pain signals so mostly what you feel is a buzz. We won’t lie, you will feel some heat. But without the heat, you’d get no results. It’s very tolerable.


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*Individual Results May Vary

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