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How Do I Look? Does It Matter?

The Power of Appearance

The Power of Appearance

You may have seen the TV show titled “How Do I Look?” which transformed dowdy women into energetic, youthful-looking, self empowered lovelies.  The audience cheered, the friends shed tears and the subject of that show beamed with self-confidence. Looking good is powerful!

The women on the show were given all sorts of makeovers and wardrobe upgrades to go from drab to fab – the haircuts and new clothes certainly made a difference and everyone who was involved “felt” the change in the woman who was lucky enough to get all that help for free.

Looking better in the “naked” state

But external cosmetics can only go so far and many people want to look better in a more “naked state” – if you will – by having firmer skin, smoother skin and more even skin tone. That certainly takes more than cosmetics and a new wardrobe can accomplish.

To be honest, most things that make your skin actually become better are not on the most inexpensive end of the spectrum. Age, sun-worshipping (big problem-causer), heredity, hormones and a host of other causative factors affect how good our skin looks and behaves. There is no “fix in a jar” despite what claims you see in the magazines or on TV.

Can products help? Sure, but don’t expect a miracle. If you want to make actual long term obvious improvements, that takes medical technology in the form of lasers and other heat-based procedures.

The appearance card

As unfair as the “appearance” card is, it’s real.  We all have to deal with it either in our personal lives or our business lives –  and usually both. Studies have shown that appearance is more valued than education in the workplace!

From Forbes: “…people assess your competence and trustworthiness in a quarter of a second (250 milliseconds)–based solely on how you look.”

Better skin for all budgets

Not everyone has an unlimited budget and the industry tries to cover all the economic levels, which is why you see $200 topical programs for hyperpigmentation AND laser treatments that are 4 or 5 times as much.  The laser works in ways the topical products can’t – and much quicker – but medical level products do work, just to a lesser degree and more slowly. Getting an early start on keeping your skin in lifelong good shape takes some commitment. An antiaging arsenal includes a wide variety of steps.

Regardless of the monetary constraints you might be under, there is almost always something that will be effective to some degree so you can enjoy looking a little or a lot better.

Finding out “how”

No self-respecting skin specialist expects you to self-diagnose and pick your own treatment. That’s why we offer one-on-one cosmetic consultations.

Contact us at Total Dermatology to find out “how”. In time you can ask that question “how do I look” with the knowledge that the answer will be “pretty darn good!”

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