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PicoWay Laserin Irvine, CA

Remove Spots, Scars and Tattoos in the Blink of an Eye

As time goes by, we can often wear the signs of aging on our skin.

It could be some wrinkles and fine lines. Or it could be noticeable discoloration or dark spots. Many of us also experience acne scars that may or may not be able to be easily covered up with makeup. And in some cases, we want to remove a tattoo. If you have any of these skin concerns, PicoWay by Candela is an FDA-approved therapy that can treat your skin in a noninvasive manner.

PicoWay Laser at Total Dermatology

Dr. Nissan Pilest has dedicated his career to helping people put their best selves forward.

His hand-picked team of professionals at Total Dermatology in Irvine, CA, is ready to deliver excellent quality care. We use the latest technology to help you on your journey to self-improvement and have a comfortable and relaxing facility where you can experience top-notch care. We strive to deliver the best PicoWay Laser Irvine has to offer.

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What is the PicoWay Laser?

FDA-approved PicoWay technology is an advanced system that utilizes high-powered lasers within a picosecond (one trillionth of a second) to treat skin concerns. Because of the short duration, the beam can target cells and pigments without heating the outer layers of your skin. The result is minimal treatment sessions, less downtime, and new, refreshed skin you will love.

Benefits of PicoWay Laser

PicoWay Laser treatment has been designed to target different skin concerns that can plague many of us.

Acne Scars

It is estimated that up to 40% of people have some degree of visible scarring from acne that comes from the loss of skin collagen, which is needed for keeping skin elastic and healthy. PicoWay Laser uses short bursts of energy that target below the surface of the skin to help stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. This is done without disrupting the outer layer of the skin, reducing scarring and leading to faster recovery times.

Wrinkles/Dark Spots

Many of us start to see unwanted wrinkles and want to treat them without invasive surgery. Or sometimes, sun exposure, hormone changes, or age can cause skin discoloration or benign pigmented lesions. These can be hard to cover and can affect the way your skin looks. The unique applicator from PicoWay is a needle-free treatment to reduce the look of wrinkles and skin discoloration by using ultra-short pulses under the skin without breaking the surface. The result is a rejuvenated look without the need for surgery.

Tattoo Removal

Many people get tattoos they later want removed for a variety of reasons. Covering them up can be difficult and is only a temporary solution. Removal technology has evolved over the last several decades, and PicoWay’s cutting-edge method removes the ink but leaves the outer skin layer intact. It can treat most skin types and a wide range of colors. Completing a series of short treatments can eliminate most tattoos.

Am I a candidate for PicoWay Laser?

Most healthy adults can benefit from PicoWay Laser therapy if they have skin concerns that they want to address. If you have a very dark skin tone or severe photosensitivity, it is best to discuss these concerns to see if this is the right treatment for you. We will complete a thorough skin assessment and comprehensive exam to ensure you are an ideal candidate.

PicoWay Laser Consultation and Preparation

Our goal is to provide you with excellent care and professional expertise from start to finish.

All staff members are highly trained and experienced in helping guide you and answer any questions you may have. Our office is an open and welcoming environment, and we take your safety, privacy, and well-being into consideration when you come in for a consult. We will work with you as a team to create an individualized self-improvement plan that works for you and will create lasting results you love.

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PicoWay Laser Procedure

When our Irvine PicoWay Laser patients come in for treatment, we practice thorough safety and hygienic measures in our calm and relaxing rooms.

First, a topical numbing cream may be applied to the area being treated for your comfort. Then, under precise care, the laser is guided carefully over the skin to treat your skin. Each session typically takes 20-30 minutes, depending on the area being treated.

PicoWay Laser Results, Recovery, and Aftercare

Most patients see some improvements immediately.

You may experience some redness, swelling, and peeling for the first 24-28 hours after each treatment. This is usually minimal and is part of the normal healing process. We recommend avoiding any strenuous activities for several days afterward. It will also be important to use sunscreen and lubricate the affected areas. Full results will typically be seen after 2-3 weeks. We will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions, which will help you experience ideal results.

Why Total Dermatology?

Board-certified in dermatology, Dr. Pilest has been helping people create a better version of themselves since 1979.

His extensive experience and dedication to excellence have been recognized frequently among his peers and patients alike. He has continued to learn about the latest technological advances and techniques in cosmetic procedures and is well-known in the community for training other providers in injection and laser treatments. He has carefully crafted a team of hand-picked experts at Total Dermatology that love helping people in their self-care journeys.

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PicoWayFrequently Asked Questions

Many people have experienced the benefits of laser treatment. PicoWay is becoming more popular because of its innovative technology that shortens treatment time.

There may be some mild discomfort during the therapy, and a topical numbing cream may be administered beforehand.

PicoWay Laser is safe for a wide variety of skin types. Because of its quick and targeted method, the risk of damage is minimized.

Depending on what you are getting treated for, optimal results are usually obtained in 3-4 sessions, and you may not need any follow-up treatments after that.

We will evaluate your skin type to ensure this is the right treatment for you. However, most types of skin can experience benefits.

Because there are no incisions, the chance of scarring is very minimal.

While the PicoWay laser is a very safe procedure that does not penetrate deeper than the dermis of your skin, we do not recommend starting treatment while you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Most healthy adults who want to treat wrinkles, acne scars, and age spots or remove tattoos can be good candidates for PicoWay therapy.

The cost will vary depending on the skin concern you are getting treatment for and how many sessions will be needed. Our financial coordinator will be happy to discuss payment options.

Schedule your consultation with Total Dermatology today!

When it comes to your skin and your health, it really is all about what’s best for you. Total Dermatology understands this, which is why we offer versatile treatments with experienced and highly trained aesthetic professionals led by Dr. Nissan Pilest. Your Total Dermatology transformation awaits.

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