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How to Get Instant Cheekbones

Want to get the kind of sculpted cheekbones that belong on the cover of a magazine?

Unless you were genetically blessed with cheekbones that look like they can cut glass, you might feel like the only way you can get a more sculpted appearance is with some serious contouring. Luckily, FDA-approved Radiesse injections can help you achieve the sculpted, Insta-ready look you’ve been pining for…

And all within a span of minutes.

Radiesse for Instant Cheekbones

Radiesse is an anti-aging injection that works by adding instant volume to key facial regions. Each syringe contains calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA), a compound that acts as scaffolding beneath the surface of the skin at the injection site. Once injected into the skin, CaHA invigorates the body’s natural collagen production, which helps to promote long-term cellular turnover while strengthening skin’s elasticity and firmness.

In addition to promoting collagen production, Radiesse is also renowned for creating instant volume. For example, Radiesse is often used to increase volume within aging hands, which helps minimize the appearance of bulging veins and thinning skin. But when it comes to cheekbones, Radiesse can be used to add slight volume to key areas underneath the eyes and around the cheeks. These precise injections can make it possible to create the appearance of cheekbones without detracting from your natural look.

The procedure for creating instant cheekbones with Radiesse is extremely simple and surprisingly quick. Most Radiesse injections take about 15-30 minutes to perform, with results visible almost instantly (final results can usually be seen within two weeks). Clients can expect their beautiful new cheekbones to last for about nine to twelve months before needing another injection.

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