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Tazorac – Any “Same As” in the Drugstore?

We get frequent questions from patients and callers hoping to find an answer to skin problems in the drugstore or department store. With all the magazines touting miracle lotions and potions, it can be really hard for you to know if something you read about is just a promise or has some truth behind it.

As with any prescription products for acne, it’s important to use them correctly and consistently. It’s only by staying on the program as you’ve been instructed that you will gain the benefits. Acne is never “cured” – but it can be controlled.

Acne Control

If you’re dealing with acne and don’t know where to start, the fastest way to clearer skin is by seeing a dermatologist. The offerings for acne have expanded far beyond the use of oral antibiotics. In combination with topical products you will find success for your acne in the following treatment options

  • Isolaz acne laser
  • Omnilux light therapy
  • ClearLight
  • Photo Dynamic Therapy
  • Smoothbeam
  • Professional Extraction

Acne Treatment Options Explained

Dr. Pilest has been helping patients with their acne for well over 3 decades! It’s that kind of experience level that provides the most comprehensive long term and safe acne treatment.

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