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Trading In Your Double Chin for a Single

How to Get Rid of Neck Fat

One of the things that drive many people to distraction is the body’s tendency to hold onto fat in certain areas. Most of the body areas we can now freeze or heat to reduce fat bulges, but until now, the only option for removing fat below the chin was – you guessed it! – surgical liposuction. Not always the smoothest outcome and you had that tell-tale scar from the cut to place the liposuction cannula. Downtime, pain, numbness, possible bumps – the risk list was pretty long.

Now you have a new and completely non surgical choice to reduce chin fat.

Hello Kybella!

For the past 7 years there have been clinical studies going on for a product called ATX-101. Sounds like an airplane, doesn’t it? But it’s really a simple injectable solution (pretty much a replica of your natural bile acid) that literally destroys fat cell membranes in the fat under the chin. Trade name Kybella. Discover Kybella and view video

Voila! Less Double Chin!

The FDA’s primary function is two-fold – First, the procedure or product must be proven safe. Second, it must be proven effective.  See the FDA Snapshot.

Beyond the FDA approval, the expertise of the doctor who delivers the treatment is critical to both safety and effectiveness.  Which means you need to be careful when you are undertaking ANY medical procedure.

There is a risk level with anything. Risk goes down with education, experience and a sense of responsibility. Risk tends to go up with impatience, lack of experience and lack of knowledge.

Now on to the cautions!

There are many nerves and some important glands that live under your chin. They control muscle movements, smiling, sensations. They are vulnerable, so you want to make sure you place yourself in safe hands.

These injections are quite safe when administered by a physician who has an intimate knowledge of skin and the anatomical structures and nerves within it and beneath. In my mind that means you should be seeking out either a board certified dermatologist or a board certified plastic surgeon. There are other physicians who have gone to great lengths to become skilled injectors, but they are few. Choose carefully.

Other cautions

With any injection you can go home with a bruise. With Kybella, you should expect some bruising and some swelling. You can help keep the levels down by not taking over the counter supplements like fish oil or St. John’s Wort or anti inflammatories like aspirin or ibuprofen. It’s a good idea to discuss all your medications with your doctor prior to treatment.

News Stories for Kybella

  • CNN“This news may mean the end for the ultimate selfie killer, the double chin. The Food and Drug Administration will now let you say bye-bye to nasty neck fat and hello to a jawline that doesn’t jiggle.” Read the full article
  • ABC News – “Options at the moment for submental fat [double chins] are [to] cut it out or suck it out,” Dr. Susan Weinkle, a dermatologist in Florida who has been working with the drug in trials since 2007, told ABC News in March when the drug was poised for approval. “However, this is going to be a noninvasive in-the-office procedure that can be performed by your dermatologist and [gets] excellent results.” Read the full article
  • Fusion“But how does it work, exactly? And will it blast other types of fat? (Asking for a friend.) We answer all your burning questions about the injection below.” 
  • LA Times“It’s not life-threatening, but as many as 7 in 10 Americans say they’re bedeviled by double chin, a condition for which the Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday approved a new treatment: an injectable substance called deoxycholic acid, to be marketed as Kybella.” Read full article

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