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How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Last?

Ready to bust a popular myth? Here it is: there’s no such thing as permanent laser hair removal.

The thing is, even though laser hair removal is often advertised as a permanent solution for unwanted body hair, it doesn’t actually work out that way. 

While hair regrowth is significantly slowed, your hair follicles will eventually come back. Over time, the hairs do come back thinner and more sparse, leading to extremely long-lasting, but not permanent, results. 

So that leaves us with one important question: “How long does laser hair removal last?”

How Long Will My Laser Hair Removal Results Last?

Good news: For most people, laser hair removal results last for years before any maintenance treatments are needed.

In fact, according to lifestyle publication Well + Good, most people can expect their laser hair removal results to last for two years!

That’s because laser hair removal technology significantly slows down hair follicle regrowth, meaning it takes much longer for body hair to “grow back” after a series of treatments. Once you’ve achieved this stage, you may only need an annual maintenance session to maintain your silky-smooth, hair-free skin.

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When Will I See My Laser Hair Removal Results?

You may see results from your laser hair removal treatment just a few days after the procedure, when your hair follicles fall out. With each subsequent treatment, your hair regrowth will slow down to the point where you go months – even years – without seeing another unwanted hair.

Most people need a range of three to twelve laser hair removal treatments to see their ideal results.

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