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New Instant Face Lift

InstaLift™ is new – but it’s actually based on some older concepts that didn’t work as intended. The desire for an instant face lift that doesn’t require surgery, is safe and lasts a reasonable length of time has been around a long time. There have been attempts in the past –  and misses. But those misses have provided the groundwork for a system that minimizes the negatives and ramps up the positives. 

silhouette instalift face lift real patient

Instant Face Lift History

A lift that truly brings skin tissue “up” without the use of a knife has been only partially successful in the past. Most of the problem was the inability of the threads or sutures to provide enough grab and hold within the skin to maintain that lift. Sutures with soft barbs were unsuccessful because they were simply too weak and frequently let go of the tissue.

Another concerning issue was the problems generated by the use of permanent instead of dissolvable components. (InstaLift microfilaments are bio-degradable and dissolve over time – thus removing the problems associated with older thread lifts that used permanent sutures.)

Sinclair Pharma, a French/British pharmaceutical company, took a strong look at the previous thread and suture lifts to determine what was causing the unacceptable failure rate. They knew the concept was viable, but the execution hadn’t reached its potential.

The Potential of InstaLift™

A Suture Lift with Holding Power – InstaLift

The medical researchers for the company found that by creating “cones” that could lock into dermal tissue and hold, they could create an almost purse-string effect without having to attach the “string” to muscle or tendon or other tissue. A free suture in the skin must have some way to maintain the hold. This was the beginning of the development of the cones that are integral to InstaLift’s capabilities and success.

The cones create both anchor points all along the suture AND stimulate a collagen building effect. That new collagen effect further secures the sutures in place and creates some amount of new volume in the skin as well.


“Other” Non Surgical Treatments That CAN Achieve Lift Effects

PDO Threads expand the use of threads that are absorbed by the body. Often combined with Silhouette Instalift, these PDO Threads by Nova, mean you can treat many areas of the face and neck.

Lift effects from fillers actually are easily possible; and the effects can be instant. Voluma is case in fact on how an injectable can provide lifting volume to visually created a lifted look. Sculptra can induce some remarkable collagen production, though this action occurs over time. Heat-based procedures such as Ultherapy or Thermage tend to tighten structures beneath the skin or the skin itself, and are frequently labeled as “non surgical face lifts”.


Silhouette will be appropriate for almost anyone with minimal to moderate sagging. A professional physician consultation will determine if InstaLift is a viable option for you. Call our office at (949) 727-3800 or request your consultation online via the contact form below.

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