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How to “Accidentally” Look Older

How to Look Older

Want to look older in mere seconds?

Thick makeup can add 10 years in the 10 seconds it takes to put it on your face.  The makeup that “covers it all” is not likely to be doing you any favors. So why do so many women feel the need for mask-like makeup?

A big part of the perceived need is created by cosmetic companies. The magazines use digital airbrushing to remove the tiniest of blemishes and wrinkles from the face of the every age model or celebrity and they claim it’s the makeup. So you’re led to believe that you have to look flawless, and although that’s a nice thought, it’s tough after the age of 13.

Cosmetic Spending – $62,000,000,000

Why is makeup so heavily marketed at the cure all? It’s the money, honey.

The United States is the biggest cosmetic market in the world. According to the Statistics Portal, it is estimated that its total revenue will exceed about 62 billion U.S. dollars in 2016. Yes, you read it right – $62 Billion. But for all the money spent on cosmetics, the people who appear the most attractive are those who do not look “made up”.

You’re beat over the head every day by an overwhelming number of companies with the message; if you don’t buy their cosmetics, then you’ll just look older. Not true at all!

The makeup dependency cycle

Heavy makeup settles in all the lines that you might ordinarily not see. It occludes your pores, so your skin actually becomes more sluggish.

You can create a makeup dependency cycle simply by over-using makeup in the first place. Sluggish skin looks tired and pasty; so what to do but cover it up?

There are certainly answers to the dilemma. Healthy skin is good looking skin. You don’t have to be wrinkle-free to have good looking skin, but you do have to give your skin an opportunity to breathe and exfoliate and utilize moisture.

Escaping makeup dependency

  • First, throw out the 24 hour stay all day makeup.
  • Get on a systematic skin care program that is built upon YOUR skin type and condition – not the big seller at the cosmetic counter.
  • Diet plays into the equation, so go lighter on the sugar and heavier on the cold water fish and plain water.
  • Exfoliate for clear, fresh-looking skin that looks better “naked”. We happen to think SilkPeel is wonderful at doing that. By removing sluggish, dead skin cells, you open the pathway for serums and treatment products that can actually make a positive difference in how your skin looks.
  • Bump up skin cell turnover with retinols. They’ll refine even super-sluggish skin.
  • Fade brown spots and discoloration with lightening serums and gentle lasers.

So put that heavy makeup in the trash. If you want a hint of color, go for a tinted moisturizer with a decent SPF level. Once your skin regains its healthy glow and tone and texture, you’ll never miss “makeup” again.

If you’re ready to regain skin that you don’t have to cover up every day, give us a call. You’ll learn what your skin needs, and how to get from skin you don’t like to skin you love in the quickest way possible.

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