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Skin Exams – A Video How-To

We all hear the reminder – do your skin exam every month – but what does that mean? A quick look in the mirror on the way out the door? Hardly. There are lots of hiding places where melanoma or skin cancer starts out of usual view.

When it comes down to it, how well do you know YOUR skin?

“As Shonda Schilling says, This video has everything. It answers the questions and shows people how to protect themselves and how to take care of their skin. This is important because we might think about checking our skin but may not know how to do it. This just gives an easier way to act on it and become more aware of skin cancer.”

Are all skin cancers the same as melanoma?

While melanoma is usually in the form or a dark spot or mole, the other cancers are not related to the melanin in the skin so they show up as scaly areas or sores that don’t heal.

Melanoma’s deadly potential means you need to take action.

The  video below helps identify melanoma. See something suspicious? Then see your dermatologist.

The American Academy of Dermatology provides a Mole Map –
Download the Mole Map here


I have rough spots – are these cancer?

A lot of us begin to see actinic keratoses (pre-cancers) as we get a little older – (ahem! more mature I should say.) Although AKs are not always an indication of skin cancer, their presence indicates a fairly high level of UV-induced tissue damage and they may lead to skin cancer and should be examined. Actinic keratoses most often appear as rough patches and can be felt even if not seen. (Like spots of dried glue).

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