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Losing the “Snug” in Your Skin

The inevitable process of aging causes a collagen breakdown in all skin. Because we also lose volume from fat loss, bone shrinkage (yes, our skeleton shrinks!) and muscle atrophy, the end result is skin that no longer fits snugly.

There are various options for tightening up the skin or refilling the skin envelope. Sagging skin solutions include one or more procedures.

Outside of a surgical face lift, what can you do?

Injectables Options

Sculptra – By creating new collagen layers, you can restore a considerable amount of volume loss. Sculptra micro particles prompt the body to produce new collagen. With several sessions, the collagen mass increases and your skin not only looks fuller, it is fuller. Sculptra rejuvenation is a gradual process over a period of several months but the effects last 2 years or longer.

Instant Volume Replacement – Radiesse and the denser products of Juvederm Ultra Plus and Perlane are potential volume replacement fillers which have the effect of filling out sagging skin. By increasing the volumetric component of the mid face, you can reduce the amount of tissue that has begun to descend.

New Voluma is set to take the filler world by storm! This is a more amplified formula of Juvederm for volume replacement. It’s instant action and it lasts 2 years. It’s been used in Europe since 2005 and our ever-so-slow FDA finally has allowed its use here. We are EXCITED!!

Technology Options

Thermage – Pure skin tightening is accomplished when existing collagen is “remodeled”. This tightening counteracts sagging skin by coiling tired collagen fibers and prompting new collagen production.

CO2 Laser literally removes tiny columns of tissue. Because you have less skin tissue, you have less sagging. Again, the heat introduction from the laser further tightens existing collagen and spurs new collagen which is more compact.


Products with active firming ingredients provide a more temporary effect on sagging skin by introducing cell-plumping ingredients. An effective example of this is Nectifirm for reducing the sagging skin on the neck.

Preventive Maintenance

Often the process of maintaining firm skin is multi-layered. From skin care to diet to technology, it is possible to not only restore skin to a more youthful level, but to keep it there for years to come. Proper hydration, healthy foods, cold water fish, dark green vegetables, adequate rest and a purposeful enjoyment of life add up to better health and better skin.

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