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Tips for Removing Nose Hair

Everyone has nose hair. These tiny hairs have a purpose and you do need them. But, when the hairs closest to the opening grow longer and are visible outside the nasal canal, trimming or removing them becomes a cosmetic situation. However, removing nose hairs the wrong way can actually be dangerous


Your skin and nose harbor bacteria. Any cut or opening invites bacteria inside, which can create infection. With MRSA an ever-present possibility, it’s a good idea to take special care when removing nose hair.

Here are some tips for safer nose hair removal

  • Use a grooming tool. They’re inexpensive and they do a good job. Keep them clean!
  • Use baby scissors. These have a blunt tip that won’t pierce the skin.
  • Use tweezers with caution. “De-germ” your nasal canal first by cleaning the canal and coating with an antibiotic ointment. If you notice tenderness, swelling or redness after tweezing, see your doctor pronto.
  • Laser – it hurts but once the hairs at the perimeter of the nose opening are gone, the problem is gone.
  • Don’t go too far into the nose opening. Attend only to hairs that protrude. You need the hairs to keep things in balance and to prevent a perpetual runny nose.

Laser nose hair removal?

It can be done, but be prepared for some discomfort. Fortunately it’s a very small area to treat. Laser hair removal.

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