Loving the lips! For a sexier pout, Juvederm is the queen of fillers.

Juvederm Favored by Patients and Doctors Alike

Juvederm is a favorite for both patients and Dr. Pilest, prized for its easy injectability and soft, natural feel. Hyaluronic gels draw water into the tissues to add plumpness and form. Because Juvederm has such a fluid consistency, there is no distortion in natural lip movement.

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Juvederm Lips Before and After Set 5

Patient had 1/2 syringe Juvederm

Juvederm Lips Before and After Set 6

Patient had 2 syringes Juvederm

Juvederm Lip Augmentation Set 7

Patient had 2 syringes Juvederm

Placement with micro cannula instead of needles

Juvederm placed in the lip body and the vermillion border is a simple and quick process. Dr. Pilest offers cannula placement to avoid numerous needle “sticks”.

An ideal choice for both young and mature patients

Full lip augmentation for more mature patients will often include the area around the lip to soften fine lines, lift downward mouth corners and rebuild the philtral columns. Although the images above show younger patients, Juvederm is amply well-suited for women of all ages, including grandmothers and even great-grandmothers who want to restore some of the lip area fullness lost through the natural aging process.


Learn more about Juvederm and see a live lip augmentation.

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