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CoolSculpting Compound Effect

When it gets warm and you toss aside the jackets, sweaters and flannels, how many of you see Winter bulge? All those nice hot chocolate nights have crept up on you and the dreary task of reversing the outcome looks you in the face.

The incentive is almost there, but it’s not quite enough.

We’ve had CoolSculpting around for several years. It’s proven that it works. What we’ve discovered is that this fat freezing treatment not only acts to reduce bulges, it acts as a kick start incentive to go further. MANY of our CoolSculpting patients return to our office for other reasons, and many share that taking that one step was the catalyst for a healthier lifestyle.

You’ve made me the woman I am today and I love her!

The Compound Effect

Our patient Jennifer stopped in after nearly 2 years for some Voluma earlier this month. She looked strikingly different from the Jennifer of 2 years ago. She was svelte, upbeat, had a new hairstyle (she said it made her feel “kicky”) and wore clothing that had to be at least 4 sizes smaller than the last time we’d seen her. She smiled bigger and brighter, was infectiously energetic and positively positive. She hugged Dr. Pilest and said, “You’ve made me the woman I am today and I love her!” He said he appreciated the compliment, but – what had he done?

In her words:

“I had gotten into the routine of accepting my body and lifestyle as ‘okay’, but there was a voice inside me saying I sure could do better. I even told Dr. Pilest that I knew I needed to make some changes and feeling fat was a complete bummer, but I didn’t have the motivation to even start. He said, “Why don’t you give fat freezing a try? It might provide some motivation.” Truer words were never spoken! 

I decided to try the CoolSculpting to see if I could bypass doing what I actually needed to do. Seriously, it was motivated by laziness.

“What happened was totally unexpected. In two months’ time I saw the possibilities of a new me. People talk about an “AHA” moment. CoolSculpting was mine.

“I didn’t want to lose the benefits that the treatment had handed me, so I took a serious look at my diet. I kept a food journal – that was a real eye opener! I started walking…twice a week, then 3 times a week, then every day. I discovered downloadable books that I began listening to on my Ipod. I walked and listened and learned. Work even became fun because some of the books helped me change things there too. I got a raise. I began to feel better all the time, I stopped having headaches, I became nicer to my husband and I started singing in the shower. Life is BETTER!

Do I claim having my fat frozen did all that? Well, in a way, yes. It was certainly the catalyst that showed me the power of even a small change. It’s like the compounded penny that turns into millions of dollars. I got far far more than I ever expected!!”

Come to see us for a consultation. CoolSculpting is not liposuction and it’s not a weight reduction treatment. But it can trim down some fat areas and provide perhaps the perfect incentive to make bigger changes for a better you. Call our Irvine office at (949) 727-3800 or contact us online for your professional consultation.

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