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The Ongoing Stigma of Acne

If you’ve experienced acne, then no one has to tell you just how difficult it can make your life.

We tend to assume that most people are very aware of acne causes and also that people are generally sympathetic – or at least empathetic – to acne sufferer’s plight.

Understanding or Pity?

But that’s not what’s being seen from the general public. Results of a recent study presented this month at the annual American Academy of Dermatology meeting revealed ongoing stigma associated with acne. The results even surprised the researchers at the actual level of stigmatization that exists regarding people with acne, even with all the avenues for education.

“Over 80% of subjects felt pity towards acne sufferers, which was significantly higher than for all the other skin conditions except psoriasis..”

Research on Stigmatization of Acne Patients

Acne treatment has changed over the decades as new topical products, acne lasers and combination treatments have become available. Waiting for acne to go away on its own is never a good idea as the negative psychological affects can last a lifetime. Plus uncontrolled acne can lead to scarring which is seldom fully eradicated – even with the most sophisticated lasers used to smooth skin. The perception that acne in some way marginalizes the person with the condition is a serious topic.

Harvard research dermatologist Alexa Kimball shares study results in this video.



  • Acne is not transferrable or contagious to others
  • Acne is not caused by poor hygiene
  • Acne is not caused by diet (but can be worsened with some suspected foods)
  • Acne is not something that one “outgrows” without consequence
  • Acne affects all ethnicities and people of all income levels
  • Acne sufferers are suffering; be compassionate

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