Fat Freezing For Men

Non-Surgical Body Contouring for Men

Men carry fat in fewer locations than women and their fat tends to be more localized. This localization of fat “pockets” makes CoolSculpting a simpler process for men.

*Individuals Results May Vary.

The Spare Tire & Love Handles

A cooling handpiece pulls the fat tissue between 2 cooling plates by way of a vacuum. The fat is super-cooled to right above freezing. This cooling crystallizes the fat cells and causes them to break down. Over the next couple of months, the broken down fat cells are swept from the body through the liver’s cleansing process.

How Does CoolSculpting Work?

Primary locations are the “spare tire”, “love handles” and in cases of pseudogynecomastia, fat deposits of the breast. CoolSculpting is a totally non-invasive procedure and does not require any numbing, injections, preparation or aftercare.



What Will I Feel During and After Treatment?

The initial sensation is one of intense cold and may be slightly uncomfortable for the first 10 minutes. Most patients are comfortable enough to relax, read, listen to music or work on their computer. No anesthesia or medication is required. There is no recovery time.

After your treatment session, the treated area will feel almost like a butter stick (this is good!). When warmed with massage it flattens. Optional Zwave enhances the results and tends to speed results as well. Your skin may be red for up to several hours. You may also experience temporary bruising, tingling, tenderness, temporary dulling of sensation or cramping.

Take home guidelines

CoolScultping For Men Before & After Irvine, CA

*Individual results may vary.

What Else Should I Know About Zeltiq’s CoolSculpting?

The CoolSculpting device is FDA-approved in the U.S. for fat reduction. It is not, however, a substitute for weight loss and is not appropriate for patients who are obese. The science behind the CoolSculpting Procedure, called Cryolipolysis,™ was developed by two world-renowned dermatologists at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, MA, a teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School.


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*Individual Results May Vary

Cryolipolysis for Pseudogynecomastia “Man Boobs”

Pseudogynecomastia, referred to as “man boobs”,  is a medical condition that causes excessive breast enlargement with excess adipose tissue (fat). When primary enlargement is caused by fatty tissue, CoolSculpting can be an option to reduce fat accumulation. You will require a professional assessment to determine if fat freezing is appropriate for your case. True gynecomastia is glandular enlargement and there is a difference between the two conditions.

View the following videos for more explanation, patient experience and outcomes.

PseudoGynecomastia Physician and Patient Video

*Individuals Results May Vary.

*Individuals Results May Vary.

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