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The Genius of Sculptra

Every now and then a product comes along in the cosmetic dermatology arena that’s simply a “genius” discovery.

One of the most exciting developments in the last 2 decades in our opinion is Sculptra. It’s a revolumizing product made of poly-L-lactic acid, a synthetic polymer made from natural substances, which, when injected, acts like a collagen catalyst!

Why was Sculptra Developed?

Sculptra was initially approved for correction of facial lipoatrophy for HIV patients. The fat loss the disease causes makes patients look much older than their actual age and “marks” them as acutely ill even when their disease is controlled. Sculptra is injected in the hollowed facial areas to lessen that gaunt appearance and the success in its ability to progressively volumize has been consistently documented.

Sculptra is still used for immune-compromised patients but the big winners have been healthy patients who previously had no reliable solution for facial volume loss caused by age or other factors.

Sculptra Video – Sculptra for Cosmetic Revolumization

The Fortunate Cross Over Effect

Many products that are developed come on the market for one purpose and end up crossing into another. (Look at Viagra, a drug initially intended to treat heart problems such as angina!) A somewhat similar cross development occurred with Sculptra. It is now the leading injectable collagen stimulator in the world.

Because everyone loses facial fat as they age, areas that were once plump and high, such as the cheek, flatten out; areas that were normally flat sink in. The combination of those changes literally scream “age”.

The Problem with FaceLifts

Since most of us after a certain age feel we’re younger than we look, the first thing women in particular start thinking about is a surgical facelift. But cutting out skin doesn’t restore the plump cheek prominence and sometimes the pulled effect adds rather than subtracts age. (You’ve seen the unfortunate ladies who have that wind tunnel look.)

Most surgeons now use fillers or fat transfers to achieve the necessary volume. But often, if you don’t have a lot of excess skin, a simple program of Sculptra injections can negate the need for a facelift for a number of years!

Sculptra – Queen of Facial Revolumization

Sculptra’s dominance as a cosmetic facial revolumizing product is pretty much in place everywhere. Pricewise it might be considered more costly, but the initial longevity results show some patients with benefits extending well past the 2 year mark and it may have continuing effect. We don’t make those claims since our non-study experience can’t back that up, but it’s certainly quite a different product than the usual temporary filler products.

Sculptra’s Got History

Sculptra has been in use since 1999 in Europe for helping correct facial volume defects under the name New-fill. It’s used in over 30 countries world wide.

One of a Kind

Nothing is like Sculptra – other fillers do have a modified collagen stimulating effect, but Sculptra is the only product specifically designed to do this job totally independent of any other filling agent.

See more about Sculptra here

Is Sculptra Right for You?

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