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Naked Frown Remover

XEOMIN -The “Naked” Frown Remover

We’re all used to Botox and it’s been one of those blockbuster treatments that have completely changed the face of aesthetics. In the last couple of years we’ve been given some alternatives and from a medical perspective, that’s always a good thing. Not every product is perfect for every single person. Some come really close, though.

Same and different

Xeomin, (pronounced ee-oh-min), is a newer ‘tox that delivers on the promise of wrinkle deletion just like Botox and Dysport. Like the other drugs in this category, Xeomin works by temporarily blocking the signals from the nerves to the muscles. As a result, the targeted muscle cannot contract. Voila! No more aggravating wrinkle or frown.

The 3 injectables all work to remove frowns and furrows and wrinkles and a host of other unwanted muscle contractions. The difference? Xeomin is referred to the “naked” neurotoxin because the accessory proteins have been removed.

What’s an accessory protein and why does it matter?

For some patients, accessory proteins pretty much void the desired action, so long time users of Botox who had built up a type of immunity to those proteins discovered that their Botox wasn’t working any longer….or wasn’t lasting. It certainly doesn’t happen to everyone, but for those who were used to the effects of their treatment, not getting those effects was upsetting.

Because there are no accessory proteins to become resistant to, Xeomin eliminates that potential, and becomes a cross over alternative.

If my Botox is working, why would I switch?

We aren’t saying you should. Just that there are alternatives for those who need one. Some of our patients prefer Dysport, some now claim they are Xeomin converts and others are die hard Botox aficionados. Still others don’t care and just want the most economical solution that’s offered when their wrinkles start showing up again.

In any case, Botox is still the #1 noninvasive treatment on the planet.

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