Face Shaping For Men

Chin / Jaw / Nose Shaping With Fillers

A masculine profile carries a lot of weight in our society both professionally and socially.

Easy Enhancements

Those who were born with less definition or lose definition over time from aging can easily create a strong jawline, more desired angularity, and chin projection to overcome any chin recession or appearance of a weak chin.

Immediate Results*

Long term dense substance fillers provide an immediate effect and can solve the issues either at once or over time if you prefer a subtler approach that is not obvious. Most people will simply compliment you on your weight loss as they assume your more defined contours are a result of new health habits (always a good assumption!)

Filler Choices for Shaping

Radiesse provides the longest-lasting shaping filler and can be used along the jawline, in the chin, and even along the nose to camouflage irregular lines. Radiesse is composed of a calcium-based product that holds its shape very well and has no defined edges like those evident to surgical implants. Plus, fillers won’t shift, so you won’t have to worry about things moving about.



Understanding How SmoothBeam Works

SmoothBeam’s patented LASR™ (laser-assisted skin renewal) process provides skin renewal by combining two unique elements: 1. A gentle laser pulse that stimulates the formation of new collagen just beneath the surface of your skin. 2. A proprietary Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD) that sprays the upper layers of your skin with a fine mist of cryogen prior to, during, and after the laser pulse, cooling and protecting the surface of your skin. Each pulse cycle of cooling and heating occurs within a second, making the process fast and comfortable.

Other options should you wish to use a product that you can have removed if for some reason you decide to change your mind.

Comfortable Cannula Placement

Fillers come with lidocaine so injection is very comfortable. Dr. Pilest exclusively uses round tip cannulas instead of those spikey needles so the filler is placed with virtually no sensation at all.

Video with Cosmetic Physician Colleague Dr. David Mabrie

*Individuals Results May Vary.

Nose Shaping – No Surgery

Genetically or from incident, noses with bumps, dents and some level of curve or asymmetry can be simply altered with small amounts of long-lasting dermal filler.
Profile views often bring attention to misshaping of the nose – even when it is very minor.

Filler Options for Nose Shaping

Radiesse is an easy to inject dermal filler with longevity of around 18 months. Since the product contains lidocaine, the injection process is on the low end of discomfort.
Restylane or Juvederm can also be chosen with less longevity and also carries the ability to be dissolved if desired.


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*Individual Results May Vary

Fast and Simple 15 Minute Procedure

The process of nose shaping is simple and quick. Dr. Pilest places tiny amounts of the filler while you assess the level of buildup. The outcome is totally in your control as you decide when enough is enough and what improvements and balancing you want to achieve. The proverbial “15-minute nose job” really does exist!

Making the Nose Appear Smaller

Particularly useful for men with ethnic profiles that call attention to a larger nose, the nose shaping process creates a visual refinement and an unbroken slope generally can make the nose appear smallerExpert Injector Dr. Nissan PilestDr. Nissan Pilest is a member of the distinguished Expert Injector collaboration and holds the Circle of Excellence in Soft Tissue Fillers through the American Society of Dermatologic Surgeons. Dr. Pilest performs all injections for dermal fillers and neuromodulators at Total Dermatology. About Dr. Pilest

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*Individual Results May Vary