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Are There Any Side Effects with Chemical Peels?

Want to get the kind of complexion that’ll have you ready for any selfie – even an #iwokeuplikethis one?

Then it’s time to introduce yourself to chemical peels. A chemical peel is a specific type of facial that uses an acid (like glycolic acid) to remove the top layers of the dermal tissue. Chemical peels can come in all strengths; gentle peels can provide excellent exfoliation, while deeper peels can undo decades of skin damage.

But chemical peels do come with side effects – and the stronger the peel, the more obvious the side effects. Let’s take a look at the five most common side effects that can happen with chemical peels.

The 5 Most Common Side Effects of Chemical Peels

1. Redness.

Whether you opt for a gentle peel or a deeper peel, your skin is probably going to be red and irritated right after your treatment. Depending on peel strength, this redness can last up to two weeks. 

2. Swelling.

Deeper chemical peels can cause temporary trauma to the skin, so it may appear swollen and sensitive to the touch for the first week after your peel. This is perfectly normal and only lasts for a short period of time.

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3. Peeling.

Peeling is perhaps the most noticeable side effect of chemical peels, especially if you’re opting for a medium-to-deep peel. Peeling is a sign that your top layer of skin is shedding, making way for the beautiful skin that’s hiding underneath.

4. Slight burning sensation.

Burning is another common side effect of chemical peels, especially during the first few days after your treatment. Your dermatologist can provide you with recommended creams that can help soothe any temporary burning sensations you feel.

5. Inability to tan.

This is a surprising side effect, but it’s common with patients who undergo deeper peels. You may have a harder time tanning after a chemical peel, which, to be honest, is a good thing for your skin!

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