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Why Volumizing Is Important in Combatting Aging Appearance

Facelifts have been the “gold standard” for turning back the years for decades. It is only recently, though, that doctors have come to realize the ultimate impact of proper volumizing – either as a complement to surgery or as a stand alone solution. Facial volume loss is now recognized as the main culprit in an aging appearance.

The youthful face has plenty of volume – rounded cheeks, a single plane contour that curves but doesn’t break and light reflection from the natural high points.

Age – good for wisdom but not your skin

Age depletes volume and there’s really nothing we can do to stop that natural occurrence. Blame bone loss, collagen loss, fat loss and muscle atrophy. You can tighten up the skin with surgery and radio frequency, but you can only improve volume with fat, dermal fillers or collagen stimulators.

Today’s Volumizers are, for all practical purposes, limited to 3 injectable materials:

Sculptra – a bio stimulator which causes your body to increase its own collagen. A well trained physician with an artistic can literally “sculpt” facial features.

Hyaluronic acid gels  – volume replenishment hyaluronic gels for the mid face – cheeks and chin. Voluma has quickly gained favor for its incredible capacity to augment the cheekbones. Restylane Lyft and Restylane Defyne are close cousins.

Radiesse – a substantial long term filler which has been used for re-contouring the jowl, augmenting the cheeks and the chin.

Each of the above have outstanding longevity in their effects. Additional injectable fillers and relaxers can enhance facial appearance easily and immediately.

Beyond the filler – Threads

Newer lifting (often in tandem with fillers) are absorbable threads which reposition facial tissue.

Dr. Pilest is a training physician for both Voluma and Radiesse and a long term experienced senior injector for Sculptra.

Expert Injector Dr. Nissan Pilest

Dr. Nissan Pilest is a member of the distinguished Expert Injector collaboration and holds the Circle of Excellence in Soft Tissue Fillers through the American Society of Dermatologic Surgeons. Dr. Pilest performs all injections for dermal fillers and neuromodulators at Total Dermatology. About Dr. Pilest

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