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Is There a Best Wrinkle Filler?

We’re often asked, “What’s the best wrinkle filler?”

In truth, there is no “best” filler. New ones are in the pipeline all the time (though certainly they are approved more slowly here than other countries), making anyone who claims one filler is best subject to being outdated almost overnight.

But what’s best for ME?

Certainly there are great choices. But perhaps the best question is, “What is the best wrinkle filler for me, my problem, my treatment goal and my pocketbook?”  

The FDA makes pretty sure there are few side effects with fillers  – but when you look at how the FDA looks at clinical studies, you see that the FDA approvals are almost always based on filler response in the Naso Labial Fold.

Gee, what about the areas where most filler is actually used? Like wrinkles, lips, cheeks and jowls? THEN how do you choose what filler will get the most results with the least amount of possible side effect?

Non Derms and “Off label”

That’s where doing your homework steps in. In California any M.D. , not just Dermatologists or Plastic Surgeons, can purchase and inject almost any filler** and it’s up to the physician to choose how and where he or she injects. Injecting any area other than the one cleared in the FDA trials is referred to as “off label” and although completely legal, it’s in your best interest to know that your chosen doctor knows what he or she is doing…both on label or off.

Best for some patients and some areas might be Sculptra – or it might be Restylane or Radiesse. Or best could be a mix of several injectables.

Why not just choose the cheapest filler?

If you have undereye hollows, and there’s a special on a certain filler, is that the one you should choose? Certainly not, because the wrong choice can lead to what’s called the tyndall effect (seeing blue tinge through the skin) or nodules (caused by using a nondissolvable product which could “bunch”).

The reason there are different products and even different formulations of the same product is that each functions differently.

Be your own best advocate.

There is an unending supply of educational information. Each filler company has a website you can view. There are patient review sites like that are marvelously filled with actual patient and physician reviews and photos.

Go to a physician you trust – one who can show you the results of what you are considering having done – and one who discusses the pros and cons of any recommendation.

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