Botox (Brotox) For Men

Wrinkle Relaxers for Men

It’s not just women who understand the negative impact of frown lines. Men are much more aware of the positive benefits of ‘Brotox treatments’ which include Botox, Dysport and Xeomin. It is the most popular non-surgical procedure for men.

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Botox Results
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Primarily men see such treatments as more of a career investment as the ability to maintain a confident appearance makes a big difference in their perceived abilities. A large plus lies in the way frown line removal makes anyone more approachable.



Why Men Avoid Botox and Fillers

It’s no secret that men shy away from the idea of injections. But why? There is a perceived notion that injections hurt much more than they do. Botox injections use the thinnest needle there is, not much thicker than a hair. Because Botox Cosmetic is a liquid, the injection process is exceedingly fast, so treatment is over in under a minute. We can’t think of a single male patient who didn’t say that it was much easier than he’d thought.

Botoxing Away Aggression or Depression?

There are even studies* that indicate the hindered ability to frown helps people keep their cool in heated situations – perhaps the physical act of frowning or scowling feeds into the aggression one feels, and when that physical movement is restricted, the aggression levels simply don’t escalate the same way. *See the Finzi study in the Journal of Psychiatric Research.

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Why Guys Need More

Men require more “brotox” no matter which product is injected because the muscles are stronger and thicker. Careful injection techniques are required since eyebrow arching, although desired by women, is not desirable for men. Dr. Pilest has been injecting Botox for men since its first use and has remained a Botox training physician the entire time. Plus he’s an active assistant professor at UCI and a trainer for Dysport. You can feel very assured that your treatment will be done right.


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