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What are the Best Treatments for Aging Hands?

Does your anti-aging skincare routine tend to focus on your face and neck? If so, your routine may be neglecting a key body part that could give away your real age:

Your hands.

From thinning skin to more visible veins, hands are often one of the first places to display signs of aging. That’s why, if you’re looking for the best treatments for aging hands, you need to check out the following two solutions.

Radiesse to Restore Volume

One of the reasons why hands show signs of aging faster is because the skin is much thinner. Add this to all of the hard work that hands do, and it’s no wonder hands start to look more wrinkly, veiny, and loose as we get older.

Radiesse can change all of that. This FDA-approved dermal filler uses a specific formula that contains calcium-based microspheres to stimulate long-term collagen production, all while acting as scaffolding underneath aging skin. The injection’s volumizing works to effectively “plump out” wrinkles and fine lines, helping skin to look younger and more rejuvenated.

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Fraxel Laser Resurfacing for Younger Skin

If hyperpigmentation and age spots are starting to appear on your hands, Fraxel laser resurfacing can help minimize them until your hands look smooth and youthful again. Fraxel laser resurfacing works by directly smoothing the skin and targeting the darker pigmentation caused by age spots and hyperpigmentation. With a few treatments, patients will see smoother and brighter-looking skin…

And that’s the key to younger-looking hands!

"Dr Pilest was patient and took the time to address my concerns and to discuss his recommendations. He was very skillful and after the procedure I was given his cell phone number if I had any concerns or additional questions."

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