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Completing the Puzzle in Facial Rejuvenation

When you look at a face, your eye captures the entire “puzzle” and sees a complete picture. You may notice the color of eyes or the shape of a nose, but it is all in context of the other features. You can immediately sense if that face is young, middle aged or old when you see all the features.

The incredible capacity of injectables

Comprehensive facial contouring with injectables includes all the various facial components and seldom does addressing only a single issue get you to your objective.


Fillers have progressed in a way that few would have thought possible and the old days of Botox only smoothing out your 11’s are long gone. Today’s incredible variety of injectables are capable of literally restoring your face to a place in time that implies a youth and vitality you may have never expected to see again.

Why is the comprehensive thought process important?

As you age, ALL the features and compartments of the face are affected. Volume loss in the cheeks is accompanied by volume loss above the mouth, in the lips, in the temples, in the chin and jaw and above the brow. Treating one compartment without the others may improve one area, but then what of the visual deficit of the others? Does it make sense to only focus on one area when a related problem exists in an adjacent or even multiple locations?

Putting the puzzle together

I’ll often start a patient with 2 area corrections such as the cheek (to replace lost volume) and glabella ( to smooth out frowns). The improvements can be fairly dramatic with those two puzzle areas alone.

But once I continue the process and also treat the chin, the jaw and the brow, the results become magnified.

The 8 Point Approach

Hey, That’s me when I was younger!

Finish with the replacement of lip volume and a lift of the lip corners with Botox and many patients can pull out a photo that’s 5 to 10 years old and defy anyone to pick the “then” and “now”.

New filler products – and especially the new Juvederm Voluma – have an incredible capacity to provide th e basic architecture of a “re-youthing” process. This single building block  gel volumizer with its extended life in the skin is much like the initial formation of a sculpture. Once in place, the other areas  that would benefit from injectables become completely and compellingly obvious. This also makes these areas easier to treat to the point of a near perfect contour that belies the age of the patient for up to a decade.

Once the re-contouring is complete, scheduled maintenance injections can help keep you looking enviably younger, softer, more feminine and more vital.

So what about the guys? Historically, the biggest majority of filler patients have been women since they are far more sensitive to the changes that take place. That doesn’t mean the same process isn’t equally as effective for men. We ALL lose volume and replacement makes a big difference not only in perceived age, but in perceived capabilities.
Want to see what the guys are up to? Visit our Man Cave – you’ll be surprised (maybe) at the procedures men are beginning to embrace.

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