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Waxing – Are You Really That Fearless?

Waxing – here, there and everywhere. It’s where “only the bold will go”.  And for good reason. Unless you have skin that’s strong as nails, eventually you’ll have that “oh my gosh” event that literally leaves you skinless.

We love Veet's sense of humor !

Which takes us to alternatives…

Shaving: Hey, we’re honest, shaving works and works well as long as you have the time, patience, a good razor without nicks, rust or mineral accumulation and a willingness to pay for the ever-escalating price of blades for a lifetime. Some of the newer blades are incredible!

Tweezing: Works well for small areas. (Avoid over-tweezing eyebrows – they don’t come back.) Beware the occasional ingrown hair. Tip – you can usually use a mild exfoliant to get the skin opened up so the hair pops out.

Anti Hair Growth Products: Vaniqa is an RX product and a good option for women with Hirsutism. Laser can make this condition worse for those with this hormonal condition.

Hair “melters”:  Veet and Nair are chemical depilatories that melt the hair. A possible solution unless you have sensitive skin.

If you try it, try on a small area and wait 48 hours. Patience is far better than two legs with full blown dermatitis! And do this pre-test on EVERY area. Leg skin is different from under-arm skin and chin skin, and skin that’s in delicate areas.

Spearmint Tea: We don’t know anyone who’s tried this, but apparently there is science behind it for reducing hair growth from hirsutism. Spearmint Tea on Livestrong

Laser Hair Removal: A permanent reduction. The big plus is that once those hairs are gone, they stay gone! You can laser away hair from virtually any area of the body.  Hair Removal for Women  Hair Removal for Men

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