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12 Tips for Better Skin

A bit behind on taking care of your skin? Want better skin this year? Here’s a list of 12 simple tips for making your skin look and behave better. 

  1. Nightly cleansing– even if you don’t use makeup, going to bed with an unwashed face simply pushes the environmental grime into your pores. (We all use and LOVE the Clarisonic brush. Cleans, exfoliates and perks up your skin like nothing else.)
  2.  Use a night cream/lotion and eye cream for your skin type. Fine lines and wrinkles don’t just “show up” one day – they build over time and a lack of moisture speeds up the process.
  3. Exfoliate weekly. Dead skin cells build up, even with proper cleansing, so a gentle exfoliating product helps skin stay smoother and clearer.
  4. Water – Drink lots. A liter of water upon rising helps your system flush toxins.
  5. Don’t use a deodorant bath bar on your face. Deodorant bars change the pH balance of your skin in a big way. Use a facial cleanser always.
  6. Wash your hands often to keep your face clearer. Surprised? Most of us touch our face dozens of times a day without giving thought to what germs we’ve picked up on our hands.(You’ll get fewer colds and flus too)
  7. Use a lip moisturizer – Carmex contains salicylic acid so it keeps dead skin soughed off. Nivea, Chapstick – pick something you like and use it daily.
  8. Figure sunscreen or sun block is as necessary as brushing your teeth. Remember that sunscreen takes 30 minutes to activate and sunblocks are instant.
  9. Try an RX retinoid cream like RetinA or similar for power results in skin cell turnover.
  10. Diet matters. Lots of sugar causes collagen breakdown.
  11. Alcohol and caffeine dehydrate the skin. Drink much of either and your skin pays.
  12. Salmon really does make your skin look better.

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