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Wrinkle Treatments – Picking the Winner

Are your wrinkles worthy of injectable fillers, neuroblockers or lasers? or all three? What wrinkle treatments make the most sense?

Granted, we all eventually get wrinkles. Genetics will play a big part. If you look at your parents and grandparents and everyone is smooth as butter, you are indeed lucky, but most of us have some lines and wrinkles by our 40s that we aren’t too pleased with.

So, the question becomes what to do about them?

Options abound and each one will provide a different result. Lasers affect not only wrinkles but skin texture and tone. Fillers only affect the wrinkle and volume stimulators seem to have both a wrinkle effect and also an effect on skin smoothness from the new collagen stimulation (Sculptra users routinely remark that their skin feels smoother all over).

Laser Wrinkle Treatments

Lasers: Best for shallow wrinkles and crinkles. You can prompt collagen response which will soften wrinkles, but unless you’re willing to go for a fully ablative laser and the attendant downtime and recovery, it’s pretty difficult to eradicate all wrinkles with lasers. Choices include Fraxel CO2, Fraxel Restore, eMatrix.

Injectable Wrinkle Treatments

Fillers: Think Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse and the new Belotero. These products can provide plumping under the wrinkles and some fill OF the wrinkle.

Botox, Dysport or Xeomin: These neuroblockers cancel out the message for muscle contraction that causes all manner of wrinkles and facial expressions.  Frown lines, worry lines, crows feet and uses that have little to do with wrinkles are now the task for neuroblockers. See a New Beauty blog on some of the other unexpected uses of Botox.

Volume stimulators: These are injectable products that cause your skin to create new collagen. Sculptra is by far the most popular, simply because it works well, can be used in nearly all areas of the face and has a wonderful safety profile. Artefill is another, but the method of action is different and it incorporates small beads that stay in the skin permanently, so the collagen response action continues for years.

It’s very common for patients to opt for injectable fillers, blockers and laser to achieve the overall goal they have in mind.

See our blog about “best” wrinkle fillers

When nonsurgical wrinkle treatments aren’t enough

If your wrinkles are part of a larger issue such as excessive lax skin, then plastic surgery is the path you’ll want to explore.

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