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Botox and the Happiness Effect

I often remark, “Botox is magic”. We continue to be to surprised and delighted with newfound purposes and effects. Botox for cosmetic use began its journey to stardom when a physician couple began looking into the  desirable “side effects” of medical Botox used in ophthalmology. This unique couple from Vancouver (good story, you’ll like it) set the stage for what has now become the biggest cosmetic treatment on the planet.

What we’re seeing now is a quantum leap that’s really very logical. Botox for “looks” expanded to Botox for migraines and Botox for depression and now we’re finding that the simple inability to look angry impacts not only those who use Botox, but those who associate with Botox “users”.

Certainly not looking angry will have a positive rebound affect on those around you. If you’re used to wearing a frown, and hand that frown off to Botox, then the immediate reactions from others are often pleasantly surprising. Your mirror reflection can set the tone of your entire day – day after day!

Taking it a step further is a plastic surgeon from Chicago who wrote a book on how we’re all subliminally impacted by facial expressions and facial symmetry.

“If you look at somebody and you can’t perceive if they’re angry, you don’t feel the anger. What happens is you spread this happiness effect. That’s what I think is happening when Botox is used to treat depression because it doesn’t seem to cross the blood-brain barrier. So, if Botox can do it, why can’t a facelift do it? Why can’t fillers do it?” Dr. Dayan says.

Plastic Surgeon Steven Dayan

Recall that past studies have found that forcing smiles can lead to subjective mood improvements. Now, simply incapacitating the muscles responsible for producing unhappy expressions can have a similar effect.  Full article on Psychology Today

Read this weigh in from Dr. Doris Day, a board certified dermatologist in New York City and RealSelf Chief Aesthetic Advisor. Over 20 years of injecting patients with Botox for cosmetic reasons, Day said that patients— who did not have depression— told her they felt happier.  Full article Fox News Health

“Wipe Away That Frown: Botox Makes You Happier”

Everyone likes to look good. The end effect is that looking good tends to help us feel good too.

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