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Juvederm Patient Stories

Juvederm Families Talk

The father and son and mother and daughter in this video talk about what they notice in each other.

Genes often dictate how our faces will age. And those same genes can almost predict how a child will experience aging. So if you see your like-gender parent change over the years, chances are you’ll see similar changes in yourself.

You’ll like Jack – he’s such a typical guy with his last comment.


Used and Proven

Hyaluronic gels have been around for years. All work the same way by absorbing water in the skin. This water absorption is what plumps lips, lifts wrinkles and adds volume. Think of it as injectable soft sculpting. Although Juvederm and other HA gels are not permanent (which is a good thing if you think about it) they can last in the skin for up to a year. And if you decide you made a bad choice? They can be dissolved.

Juvederm could be the one nice thing you do for yourself that will surprise you in its positive impact on how you feel about yourself. New treatment techniques with micro cannulas (smooth tip!) and the see-beneath-the-skin vein finder make Juvederm treatments minimally uncomfortable with rare bruising.

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