How many of you know someone who has had a facelift? Now, how many of you can TELL that that person had a facelift?

Facelift surgery is a great option for a lot of people who dislike the way Mother Nature shifts everything south. But facelifting without the restoration of volume can sometimes simply make everything just look tighter instead of younger.

What does “young volume” look like?

If you look at the face of a young woman or man in their 20’s, you’ll note fullness in the cheeks, a smooth contour from the forehead through the temple area, across cheekbone and a smooth plane down to the chin. That’s volume!

Age – Playing the asymmetrical card

Age reduces facial volume erratically, so there is often a more visible change simply because one section of the face on one side gets “older” faster. This loss of symmetry is often not obvious, but the complete visual impact can be disturbingly negative. (None of us are completely symmetrical. But the most sought after men and women are the ones with the closest left/right side symmetry – unfair, but true.)

Gaunt cheeks, flat cheek “apple”, indented temples, jowls and naso labial folds are obvious signs of age (if you eliminate possible illness, which can create similar volume loss.)

Isn’t “tight” the right thing?

So, if you are thinking a facelift is the complete solution to your falling face, you may be disappointed to see a tighter you, but a tighter you without the volume that signals youth.

Volume choices

The solutions beyond or in addition to facelift surgery are varied. Some people choose to use their own fat to plump up gaunt areas, or surgical implants. Others will opt for collagen stimulators like Sculptra; a filler/stimulator like Radiesse; or more temporary fillers made of hyaluronic gels.

A mix of today’s fillers can do a pretty impressive job as a substitute for a facelift or as an augmentative measure when a facelift left something to be desired.

But, if you think you need a facelift, then get the facelift, but don’t forget the volume that finishes the job!