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Keep Your Skin in Top Shape with Dermal Infusions

Are you looking for the kind of skin that looks radiant and polished? Want a complexion that absolutely glows for an upcoming wedding or big event?

Then it’s time to discover dermal infusions – one of the best-kept secrets for keeping your skin in top shape!

What Are Dermal Infusions?

A dermal infusion is a special treatment that simultaneously tackles clogged pores via exfoliation and suction, all while smoothing a special serum onto the newly revealed skin. At Total Dermatology in Irvine, CA, we use SilkPeel Dermal Infusion to perform this treatment, which uses the following steps:

  • SilkPeel uses a device that blasts a sand-like substance against the surface of the skin. Don’t worry, it won’t be painful; most clients say it feels like getting a mild exfoliation.
  • A suction device removes debris from clogged pores for a more flawless complexion.
  • The treatment ends with the application of serums to help soothe the skin while promoting a more radiant glow.

How Can They Keep My Skin in Top Shape?

Dermal infusions are an excellent addition to any skincare regimen precisely because they help to eliminate clogged pores, environmental pollutants, and other factors that can prevent you from having your best complexion. While you don’t need to undergo these treatments on a regular basis, scheduling a dermal infusion every few months can keep your skin in tip-top shape.

So whether you’re getting ready for a big event (like a wedding!) or just want amazing skin year-round, add the SilkPeel Dermal Infusion to your skincare regimen!

The staff is awesome,always makes me feel as part of their family.Very friendly,polite and yet very professional.It’s always a pleasant experience and I always look forward to my appointments.

Albert H., Total Dermatology

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