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What’s YOUR Blood Pressure Reading?

We had a patient share this story and she asked if we’d share with you. It’s an important topic, so we hope you will share, too.

“This past week my best friend came for a girls’ sleepover (yes, we still do that and it’s always fun!)

I’d been tracking my blood pressure because it had been a little above normal. I suggested that she take her BP, too…”for fun”.

We were both quite shaken to see the high numbers. She refused to retake it at my house and we both hoped maybe the cuff had been placed on her arm incorrectly. She promised the next day she’d stop by the drug store and test at the machine there.

Her reading the next day was 227/142! She had NO warning signs her pressure was so dangerously high. The pharmacist said she shouldn’t even be walking around. She immediately went to urgent care and was given treatment that may well have saved her life.

(According to the American Heart Association, ideal blood pressure is less than 120/80.)

I can only assume there are millions of women (and men) who have no idea they are living in similar jeopardy. Both my friend and I are now sharing with our other friends and family members.”

high bp

Cardiovascular diseases are the №1 killer of Americans, and they run in families. Women are especially at risk; heart disease is the №1 killer of women, claiming more lives each year than all forms of cancer combined. Read the Carrie Fisher Debbie Reynolds story.

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