Alex Trivantage Laser

Alexandrite Laser

Ultra-fast procedure for lifting pigmented lesions and vivid color tattoos. The Alex TriVantage is a triple wavelength laser that can handle the toughest of pigmentation and the brightest of tattoo ink.

“In Southern California, we have a very large population of patients who have accumulated sun damage, age spots and “highway hands” that become unsightly with sunspots. Many parents – and even grandparents – are ruing the day they decided to get tattooed. The Alex TriVantage is simply the most affordable effective laser available to treat these problems and many more. It’s our favorite workhorse laser!” Dr. Pilest

What can the Alex TriVantage Treat?

  • Benign pigmented lesion
  • Birthmarks
  • Café au Lait
  • Freckles, sun & age spots
  • Nevus of Ota/Ito
  • Scars
  • Tattoos of all colors

*Individuals Results May Vary.

A gentle laser, the Alex TriVantage does not cause “hot spots” common with other lasers. This minimizes discomfort and adverse effects while reducing the chance of skin texture changes and risk of tissue damage such as bruising.

How Does a Laser Remove Tattoo Ink?

Q-switched lasers lighten tattoos by delivering laser light into the skin in very short bursts of energy, creating an effect that fragments the ink and allows the body’s natural process of phagocytosis to get rid of the dispersed ink particles. Since laser light is monochromatic, different wavelengths are required to treat different tattoo colors.

The multiple wavelengths of the Alex Trivantage can “see” all the colors in the tattoo and target each one. Not all tattoos can be removed at 100% as tattoo ink comes from many sources with a variety of organic and inorganic pigment ingredients. The number of sessions required is dependent upon the size and color range of the tattoo.

Since 50% of people later regret having tattoos, it is best to avoid getting tattoos without thought to how you will be impacted later in life. Tattooing can be dangerous if performed without scrupulous detail to safety and hygiene and the process of depositing the pigment used is always painful.

Sun Spots and Pigmented Birthmarks

Dark spots and pigmented birthmarks on the chest, hands, face, neck or other body areas are quickly removed with the Alex laser. Working on the same premise as tattoo ink fragmentation, the laser energy shatters the pigment molecules into tiny particles so the body’s clean up system can remove them.



Nevus of Ota

Nevus of Ota is a genetic pigmented lesion of the face, generally present at birth or surfacing during adolescence. Most common in Asian populations, this dark gray or bluish “birthmark” can be esthetically and psychologically disfiguring. Because of its size and location, Nevus of Ota has previously been notoriously difficult to treat. The Alex TriVantage is the top-rated safe and superior solution. After 4-8 treatments, skin pigmentation is dramatically reduced in over 90% of cases of Nevus of Ota.

*Individuals Results May Vary.

Alex Trivantage Laser Before & After Irvine, CA
Alex Trivantage Laser Before & After Irvine, CA
Alex Trivantage Laser Before & After Irvine, CA

*Individual results may vary.

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Choosing a Laser Clinic With the Right Lasers

Not all clinics will invest in lasers which are Problem Specific as we do here at Total Dermatology. Dr. Pilest’s experience over the past 37 years gives him an enormous amount of practical application for laser technology.

We are proud to boast an array of lasers which are specific not only to problems treated but also specific to skin type and color. This assures that no matter what your genetic background and skin color, you will receive some of the most efficient, safest and lowest risk laser treatment in Southern California. Dr. Pilest is a long time training physician for Candela Lasers.

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*Individual Results May Vary

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