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PDT for Cystic Acne – Why It Works

PDT Cystic Acne

Dr. Pilest has always held a close interest in teenage and early adult acne.  The prescribed solutions over the years have changed – often for very compelling reasons.

Antibiotic resistance resulting from long course use is  now known to be particularly problematic. Accutane, though useful for severe cystic and nodular acne, came with multiple side effects and the potential of horrific birth defects should a user become pregnant during a course of treatment.

A Safe, non systemic and powerfully active treatment for more difficult acne is Photo Dynamic Acne Therapy (also referred to as PDT). Utilizing light-activated solutions that alter oil gland activity, is, in Dr. Pilest’s opinion, the safest and quickest way to alter acne activity for those suffering from resistant acne.

No antibiotics?

Sometimes antibiotics are needed for a short course just to get inflammation under control.  Otherwise the PDT can be painful when it does not need to be. We’ll often integrate extractions to rid the pores of infectious material. Having the skin be somewhat calmer for that process makes it more comfortable.

But we are careful to use these antibiotics for as short a course in the therapy as possible.

About Cystic Acne and PDT

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