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What’s Your Lip Personality?

kate hudson

We talk about losing collagen in our skin as we get a little older. Yet one of the most prevalent ways we’re judged to be older and not-so-sexy or younger and sexier is by the fullness and/OR the shape of our lips.

Even if your lips are on the thin side, you don’t necessarily need to add volume. Definition and shape make up their own “personalities”. A la Kate Hudson above. Thinner lips, but cute, and yes, sexy.

angelina jolie

Just looking at the “hot” celebrities makes it obvious that lips of all shapes and fullness can be on the A list.

Some, born with fullness like Angelina, would be missing a part of the pretty puzzle if it were not for the very defined philtral columns. (Note the ridges above her lip. Without them, her lips could appear to be pasted on.

taylor swift

Kate Hudson and Demi Moore both have somewhat thinner lips, but they also have well-shaped lips so the “full” thing doesn’t matter.

A set of what we see as perfect lips? Taylor Swift. She’s just lucky!

So you can have lips that are sexy, voluptuous, perky, serious – and they can all be attractive and appropriate to your facial contours and balance. What most of us want to avoid though, is “old-looking”.

What’s obvious about more youthful lips?

  • a recognizable cupid’s bow
  • visible philtral columns
  • balanced ratio of upper to lower lip (ideal is about 40/60)
matt damon

What about you guys?

Matt Damon, a People magazine pick as one of the Sexiest Men Alive, has a defined philtrum…a sure calling card for sexual attraction.  We’re hearing more and more about men who stop by their derm’s office for a discreet little augmentation to their philtral columns. Unmanly? Hardly – if you aren’t born with it, or those little columns got lost in the aging process, why not enhance just a little?

How to give your lips more personality?

Beyond adding fullness (if desired) simple injection into what is called the white roll will define the lip border; adding to the philtral columns defines the cupid bow and can give the lip a little lift and add a lot of the sexy-perception; balancing  out the upper and lower lip proportions makes lip visually more appealing from close and far.

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