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Body Contouring in Orange County, California



When you work hard, you see results. Diligent diet and exercise go a long way to helping you achieve and maintain your ideal appearance. But sometimes, it’s still not enough. When problem areas on your body or face don’t respond to even the most serious workout routines, you need professional help.

Our Non-Surgical Body & Face Contouring options offer some of the latest technology for non-surgical fat reduction, body sculpting, discreet shaping, and skin tightening. At Total Dermatology, we strive to deliver the best body contouring Irvine has to offer. Whether it’s slimming overbuilt masseter muscles of the jaw or melting excess fat under the chin or the upper arm, you don’t need surgery for many contouring desires.

What is Body Contouring?

Body contouring allows you to refine your look in a way that goes beyond lifestyle decisions. Using the latest, state-of-the-art tools, you can reduce the appearance of excess body fat and smooth lines to finally realize your aesthetic goals. Treatments utilize a variety of technologies, including:

  • Cryotherapy
  • Radiofrequency
  • Ultrasound therapy
  • Injection lipolysis
  • Neuromodulators
  • Microneedling

Best of all, these techniques are simple and relatively painless. These alternatives to surgery gives our Irvine body contouring patients choices they never had before. Little to zero downtime, short or no recovery, and no post-treatment care requirements mean you don’t have to disrupt your life to treat problem areas.

What are the benefits of Body Contouring?

Procedures used for body contouring treatments can provide results no matter your area of concern. In addition, the diversity of techniques and technology means treatments can be customized to fit your needs precisely. Together, we will analyze your condition and craft the treatment plan that meets your goals and lifestyle the best. Body contouring is best suited to resolve issues like:

  • Excess fat around the waist, stomach, arms, legs, and buttocks
  • Cellulite
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Creases
  • Uneven skin texture
  • Some scarring
  • Stretch marks
  • Double chin
  • Rolls on the neck
  • Loose or sagging skin

All of the body contouring treatments we offer at Total Dermatology are non-surgical, which requires no time away from your busy life and activities. In addition, your treatments cause minimal to no discomfort and require essentially no recovery time. Further, body contouring treatments are relatively inexpensive, so we have solutions that fit almost any budget.




We love our patients at Total Dermatology! Read what our satisfied patients have to say about their experiences with Dr. Pilest and our team.

“The staff is amazing and sweet. Professional, kind, prompt, and the best service. I will only get my Juvederm and lip injections here!”

— Priscilla S.

“Dr. Pilest is the best injector in Orange County. Obviously, no one likes needles, but he makes getting a little botox painless. I make the drive all the way from L.A. just to see him and his amazing staff.”

— Kay S.

“I have been coming here for about 5-6 months and the service is amazing. All staff members are very welcoming. They have helped with my skin so much. I totally recommend them.”

— Victoria L.

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*Individual Results May Vary

Body Contouring vs. Surgical Treatments

Many of our Miami body contouring patients come to Total Dermatology thinking they will have to undergo an expensive and painful procedure to achieve their desired look. However, many cases do not require an intense, invasive surgical treatment. While its results are generally not as dramatic, body contouring is a viable alternative to surgery for patients considering serious surgeries like:

  • Facelift — a surgical procedure to tighten facial skin and reshape or reinforce underlying muscles that may address concerns on the upper, mid, and lower face, as well as chin and neck.
  • Arm lift — removes excess skin and tissue from the arms.
  • Tummy Tuck — excision of excess skin and tissue from the midsection with the restoration of abdominal muscles
  • Liposuction — removal of excess fat from an area of the body using mechanical force and suction

Each of these procedures can be very useful in dealing with more extreme conditions, and one or more of them may be right for you. However, we often find that desired results can be achieved with a less traumatic procedure. We will help you determine the course of action that best fits your needs during your consultation with one of our highly-trained body contouring Miami cosmetic care specialists.

Am I a good candidate for Body Contouring Treatments?

The best candidates for body contouring treatments are in good health overall and do not have any serious medical conditions that may interfere with the healing process (i.e., blood disorders, cancer, heart conditions, and diabetes). They are also at or near their ideal weight and are committed to the self-care (diet, exercise, skincare, etc.) required to achieve and maintain their ideal results. Finally, they understand their procedure fully and have realistic expectations.


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*Individual Results May Vary

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When it comes to your skin and your health, it really is all about what’s best for you. Total Dermatology understands this, which is why we offer versatile treatments with experienced and highly trained aesthetic professionals led by Dr. Nissan Pilest. Your Total Dermatology transformation awaits.

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