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May Special Promotions

This Month Only
Get a package of 3 Thermiva treatments for only $1,900!
(Regular Price $2,700)

10% OFF 1 Area, 20% OFF 2 Areas, 30% OFF 3 Areas, 40% OFF 4 areas, 50% OFF 5 areas
Must do the treatments all in the same day to get discount. Can bank for future treatments but the discount does not apply towards already discounted packages. With Aileen only.

Due to popular demand we extended this special only now we have the newest SilkPeel Machine. Try our brand new SilkPeel machine for $99(Reg $170) on Wednesday.

May 14

Botox $12 per unit
Dysport $3.60 per unit
Xeomin $10 per unit
Juvederm Ultra $650
Juvederm Ultra Plus $700
Juvederm Volbella $750 (1cc)
Juvederm Vollure $750
Juvederm Voluma $900
Restylane $650
Restylane Eye #2 $800
Restylane Silk $700
Restylane Lyft $750
Restylane Refyne $800
Restylane Defyne $800
Belotero $700
Radiesse $750
Sculptra $850
Bellafill $900

Introductory Pricing for Silkpeel & Dermaplaning

Silkpeel: $170 $155
Polishing and hydrating option for any skin in need of brightening and smoothing

Dermaplaning: $250 $189
Painlessly removes dead skin cells and the peach fuzz for more radiant and softer skin.

Mondays Promotional Peel Pricing

Cosmelan Peel $900 $850
Primary Pigmentation reduction for all skins

Salicylic Acid Peel: $197 $150
Brightens the skin and helps clear pores / mild sloughing

ViPeel Save $150 on all ViPeels on Mondays

Regular ViPeel $400 – Monday $250
Precision ViPeel $450 – Monday $300
Precision Plus ViPeel $500 – Monday $350
Perfect for pigmented acne scars, brightening, texture, and tone / 3-7 days of redness and moderate to heavy peeling

Radiance Peel $250 $199
Rejuvenation, helps to brighten and smooth superficial irregularities / mild peeling


Save $200 per application

Nonsurgical Butt Augmentation

$1900 for 4 Vials (Reg $900 per vial-Savings of over $1700) – must be Aspire member


Buy 2 Treatments (2 Vials each) and get your 3rd Treatment of 2 Vials FREE
$2400 – 6 Vials Total – Save $1200  (Each vial is 2 mL)
Must be BD member

eMatrix Face

3 for $1650 ($550 per tx/ regular $750 per tx/ package must be purchased up front)

Learn more about eMatrix

Intensif Face

3 for $2250 ($750 per tx/ regular $100 per tx/ package must be purchased up front)

or Fraxel + Intensif for $1500 (face)

Thermage Skin Tightening

1200 Pulse $1549  – Regular $2,100 each
($100 OFF Clear + Brilliant / Permea if done same day as Thermage 1200P)

Learn more about Thermage


$700 (Reg $950)
3 for $2000 (Reg $2,700)

Friday is Fraxel Day at Total Dermatology!

Fraxel Dual $899 Face (Regular  $1000)

or Fraxel + Intensif $1500 face

Contour your Body with Coolsculpting

coolsculting-4-lgCoolSculpting Treatment to Transformation Packages include additional discounting:
T-to-T packages consider encompassing areas and can include overlapping and/or adjacent treatments as well as “repeat” treatments for areas that are higher in fat accumulation and would benefit from additional sessions.

MAJOR SAVINGS for multiple area treatments. Complete pricing for multiple areas is available in-office only.

See Example Multi Area Treatment Profiles 

New Patient or New to Botox?

If you’re a new patient to Total Dermatology, or an existing patient and have never had Botox in our clinic, you’re eligible for a *Free Trial offer. *Get 20 Free units with 20 purchased units.   Online Offer ONLY Sign Up Here


  • Must not have had Botox in our office
  • Must not have a medical condition preventing the use of Botox
  • Must purchase 20 units at regular pricing to qualify for additional free 20 units
    Cannot be combined with Injectable Day Discounts or other Botox promotions

Student Discounts

With a current valid student ID you can take advantage of these great deals

  • Extractions $85 (Reg $115)
  • SaliPeel $99 (Reg $197)
  • 10% Off PhotoDynamic Therapy for Acne
  • PRP added to any Acne Scar Laser Treatment $500 (Reg $800)
  • Smoothbeam/Vbeam Combo 10% Off
  • Isolaz Combinations 10% Off
  • PDT with Lightstem $800
  • PDT with Vbeam and L $1300 Lightstim

Financing – Including Special No-Interest Options

Credit through Care Credit or Alphaeon Credit

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