Getting cosmetic “work” is done mostly because you decide you want to look better. The main person you seek to satisfy is yourself – and that’s as it should be.

shutterstock_253288504-likemeBut a secondary issue comes into play – your appearance affects how people perceive both your attractiveness and your likeability. It’s called facial profiling and we’re all prone to do it – unconsciously.

Excerpt from Huffington Post:

“The surgeries caused the women’s resting facial expressions to appear happier, which in turn led people to believe that they were more likeable. Likely for this reason, the face-lift and lower eyelid procedures resulted in the greatest changes in perceived personality.

Our comment: (Under eye hollows can be minimized or completely obscured with Restylane filler – so surgery required!)

Because these surgeries turn the corners of the mouth up and lessen the look of tiredness around the eyes, they had a powerful effect on conveying pro-social personality traits.”

Our comment: Botox can actually turn mouth corners up when the issue is muscle pull. And you can provide a buttress with filler.

Interestingly, when surgical outcomes make you look like you’ve had work done in an obvious way, you and your observers may have a negative attitude. A good reason for looking for a doctor who is skilled enough to keep you looking natural!

Read full article on the Huffington Post Blog to see how some surgical results aren’t perceived as a plus.