An Acne Story

An Acne Sufferer’s Story

A young man came to our office suffering from severe acne. Needless to say, the condition had completely disrupted his life. He was embarrassed to go out with friends or family, feeling far too self-conscious to be out in public.

Anyone who has experienced acne on this level generally has levels of anxiety and depression that affect every aspect of every day. It is typical in those cases for the person to avoid interaction with others, including family members. Treatment is not only necessary to prevent physical scarring, but the emotional scarring that comes with it!

Our new patient had previously had some minimal improvement with antibiotics prescribed at another practice, but as it is for most young people, compliance was difficult and he felt the effects were unnoticeable, so he stopped taking medication and the acne raged on.

His acne condition had taken strong hold by the time we saw him and he already had significant cyclical inflammation which made the acne not only hard to look at but extremely painful – even to the touch of his pillow at night.

Like most acne patients, and particularly those with severe acne, until hormones dictate otherwise, it will be an issue of monitored ongoing control to keep acne at bay. Our patient has consented to share his photo-documented progress so that others who are in a similar set of circumstances can see there IS a solution to what may seem like a hopeless situation.

 “I used to be very insecure about everything, like participating in school or having a job interview. But now I don’t worry about that anymore. I am more independent. I can look people in the eye now since my acne doesn’t distract their attention. Everyone who is close to me is just happy to see me get out of the house.”  

Update : “Just writing to you to keep in touch. I want to drop off a little Thanksgiving gift from me to everyone at your office and see how you are doing. I am doing good. When can I visit to chat and catch up? As for my skin, it’s perfect. I no longer need treatments. I’m really happy” – A. *

Treatment Included:

  • Oral Antibiotics to calm inflammation and stop bacteria cycle within the skin
  • Total Dermatology acne products to kill external acne bacteria on skin surface
  • Tazorac Gel to increase cell turnover to more rapidly clear existing acne
  • Photo Dynamic Therapy with ClearLight – Multiple treatments
  • Vbeam Laser to reduce redness
  • Sali Peel to smooth the skin and keep pores clear

A coordinated path to clearer skin

Treatment compliance, family support, and physician support are hand-in-hand necessary components in effectively controlling acne. If you or a family member suffers from acne, please understand that coordinated efforts, ongoing routine, and continued medical treatment are the only effective way to keep acne from regaining its destructive momentum.

*Each patient will require their own treatment protocol and each patient will have different responses to treatment.



*Individual results may vary.

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*Individual Results May Vary

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