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Facial Veins

Treatment for Facial Veins

The small veins and capillaries that show up on the face are most often a result of sun exposure. In the instance of Rosacea, the cause seems to have no true culprit but can be aggravated by a wide variety of lifestyle and diet triggers. All enlarged and broken spider veins on the face are worsened by heat, alcohol, tobacco and sun.

Recommended treatment for facial spider veins

Laser is one of the most efficient methods to reduce and remove facial veins. In our practice we use the latest Perfecta Vbeam laser because it provides clearance with low discomfort and low levels of bruising. This technology relies on “micro-pulses” which sends the laser energy in very short bursts instead of one long pulse that can affect more area than that being targeted.

(What about electrocautery? Electrocautery used to be the only treatment available, but caused a slight “pitting” due to the needle damage to the skin. With laser, the skin is spared and only the vein itself is affected.)

What about larger blue veins?

Many women tend to develop larger blue veins near the eyes and temple area. These veins are not considered to be spider veins and require an Nd: YAG laser or potentially a surgical procedure. Expect several sessions for best results with vein treatments.

Why won’t one treatment be enough?

Veins of any sort have blood “pressure”. This pressure tends to keep the vein open. It is dangerous to push the laser limits for you risk damaging skin and support tissues. Successive laser sessions will gradually force the closure of the treated veins and during the process other deeper veins will assume the job of the vein being treated…somewhat like a highway detour!

What does vein laser treatment feel like?

The treatment burst feel like a rubber band snap and the surface skin is protected and cooled by a cryogen spray both before and after the vbeam laser is activated.  It’s not a “no-pain” treatment, but it’s completely tolerable. Treatments are very quick as the laser bursts are less than a second each.


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Precautions before and after treatment

Avoid exposure to the sun and tanning of the areas that are to be treated throughout the course of treatment. Immediately following the treatment, the area may be slightly swollen, sensitive and may feel warm.

Post-treatment care

  • Avoid sun exposure or tanning
  • Avoid heat-creating activity like running or heavy exercise
  • Apply cold compresses or icepacks for discomfort
  • Apply moisturizer as recommended
  • Avoid scrubbing or rinsing the area with abrasive skin cleansers the first few days following treatment
Vbeam Before & After Irvine, CA
Vbeam Before & After Irvine, CA

*Individual results may vary.

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Possible side effects

Patients may experience some temporary discoloration or reddening of the skin around the treatment site. Pigmentary changes in skin color may be experienced by some patients. The skin will typically return to normal pigmentation over time.

Even with the best technology, bruising is possible. We suggest that you schedule treatments when you do not have a big social event in the immediate future. Be sure to pay attention to the Treatment Guidelines [link] as many of today’s health supplements increase the potential for bruising.

Daily preventive care

Skin that is prone to these broken vessels should be treated gently and cared for with mild products. Sunscreens and hats will afford a level of protection that will help maintain your cleared skin during and after treatment.


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*Individual Results May Vary

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*Individual Results May Vary

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