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Virtual consultations offer a convenient alternative when an in-office visit is an unavailable or infeasible option. Through the use of a HIPAA-compliant telemedicine platform, Dr. Pilest is able to provide a real-time evaluation and treatment recommendations in the comfort of a patient’s own home.

During your virtual consultation, Dr. Pilest may ask for details of your medical and treatment history, in addition to performing a physical examination of your area(s) of concern. When applicable, a nurse or other member of our Total Dermatology team may be present to aid in the facilitation and/or documentation of your consultation. Video, audio, and/or photo recordings may be taken during your consultation.


The laws regarding confidentiality of patient information and access to patient records also apply to virtual consultations. Information obtained during a virtual consultation will never be disclosed to other entities without consent, and patients have the right to obtain any information and/or recorded media for a reasonable fee.


Virtual consultations will be limited to a 15-minute maximum. It is the patient’s responsibility to be prepared and available at their chosen appointment time; a patient’s allotted 15 minutes will begin immediately regardless of tardiness. In addition, the patient is responsible for ensuring they have a proper connection and compatible device/browser. Any unexpected issues, technical or otherwise, will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, however, rescheduling and/or refunds cannot be guaranteed.

In most cases, a thorough assessment via virtual consultation is possible, however it may be limited in scope, and may not be as detailed or accurate as an in-person consultation. Dr. Pilest reserves the right to amend any information, assessment, or recommendation given during a virtual consultation, and may decline to perform any procedure in his sole professional judgment following an in-person consultation.

While the online video platform we utilize is secure and HIPAA-compliant, we are not liable for the security of your connection or device, and you may be susceptible to third-party interception and/or unauthorized access to your personal information. By consenting to participate in a virtual consultation, you are waiving Dr. Pilest and Total Dermatology from all responsibility should a breach of privacy occur.

Virtual consultations are purely cosmetic in nature, and are not intended to diagnose or treat any medical conditions, and do not constitute as medical advice.

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